<t>ive not long turned 30, been a carer since i was 21,, <br/> i wouldnt know wot other people do in their 20s' but i feel i got the "rubbish" decade sort of over and done with<br/> <br/> i started my 30s' with knowledge and strength and i feel ready to just enjoy life.. even the surgeons appt 2moz ...
<t>will u make them? will u keep them?<br/> <br/> and if u have made them wot r they?<br/> <br/> <br/> im boring- going to loose weight<br/> and i will refuse to be upset by any one saying i am a bad mum<br/> <br/> as even drunk i lifted amy, changed bears bottom, and took the girls puddle jumping e...
surrrey has it as well incase any one from this way needs to know
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i like those biccies--- but i just like food! lol
i dont lurk- i post randomly and i dont spell check Image

jane huge hugs xxxx
<t>that just sounds well dodgey hahahahahahahahahahahahaha<br/> <br/> i find the places i have been interesting but i doubt many others will !<br/> <br/> like this boat- just off of sheppy and has unexploded bombs still on it... not intersting to many but worth going to sheerness tesco and sitting o...
banbury cross- rob got it micheal coz his a clever clogs or he knows my love for food would have something to do with it!
well thank god u found this site!

not alone now, welcome to the site!