Hi Martin. Council Tax Discounts ? AGE UK for those ... pretty general but useful : https://www.ageuk.org.uk/information-advice/money-legal/income-tax/ways-to-reduce-council-tax/ ( BB's pont on SMI confirmed : Could I be exempt from paying Council Tax? You won't pay Council Tax if: you live in a car...
One for your accountant ... how the DoleMan treats capital expenditure ?

Plenty out there on how the TaxMan treats capital expenditure , virtually nothing on the DoleMan.
Halifax Courier for this one : Exclusive : Housing scheme " Has delivered £1 BILLION subsidy to leasehold sales " , says Labour. A government housing scheme has been subsidising the sale of controversial leasehold properties to the tune of almost £1bn since 2013 – despite an official ban. [/size][/...
Hi Si. Best place to start ... Low Income Tax Reform Group website ... one of the best for CA related information : https://www.litrg.org.uk/tax-guides/disabled-people-and-carers/caring-someone/tax-and-benefits-carers#toc-what-is-the-earnings-threshold- For a definitive explanation of " Allowable ex...
In the abence of marshalling ... using expenses / pension contributions to stay within the weekly limit
... yes.

In short , a bridging payment between leaving work and the state pension kicking in.

For some , that could be decades !
No problem !

Just one of 7.8 million others out there needing some kind of help.
Hi Julie.

CA ... apply now ... which can be done online ... earning not above £ 123 per week ?


Once the state pension kicks in , kiss goodbye to CA !
I'll let the Government , through the DWP , explain : https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/jobseekers-allowance-sanctions-leaflet/jobseekers-allowance-sanctions-how-to-keep-your-benefit-payment 2. What must I do to keep my benefit payment? The reason your last job ended will always be checked,...
JSA ... how to apply :


Still pays more than CA.

Good luck with the obligations :

https://www.gov.uk/jobseekers-allowance ... -interview