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Yep ... housing ... which most of the locals cannot afford ... either to buy or rent ?
Is it worth posting links to the causes thereof ... obtained from an Internet search ... CAUSES OF ASPERGER'S SYNDROME ?

I'm sure the author has explored those links already ?
Two links which are of IMMEDIATE importance : CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare : https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support-and-advice/all-about-caring/chc-coughlan-grogan-judgements-nhs-contuing-healthcare-nhs-fnc-hospital-discharges-all-under-this-one-thread-35998 Sections : FAST TRACK NHS CONTINUING H...
Joomkit won't be happy !

Christmas fast approaching and it's double bubble on a weekend ?
Yep ... take a flask and sandwiches with you ? CHC / GP ? A 5 star level of care ... mainly medical ... free if granted ... who better than a qualified gp to ask ? The very last thing you do is to jump into the unknown ... and find that your landing point is worse than the one you left behind. In an...
Your welcome. Enjoy your next visit to the CAB ... could be a long session ? CHC ? Hardly a job for a council employee , your gp would be a good starting point. Has your LA washed it's hands of providing care support ? In law , they would be acting illegally ! Housing element ? If not the CAB to sor...
Stand by for some real January forced sale bargains ! Trouble is , it well maybe your very own pension provider who is selling ! Retail landlords fall into a new crisis at Christmas. The suspension of a major M&G retail property fund has raised new questions about the future of shopping centres. [/i...
Patient data from GP surgeries sold to US companies.

Dealings with international pharma raise new fears about American ambitions to access NHS.

https://www.theguardian.com/politics/20 ... ansparency
Apparently , this is how to fix said bug : https://github.com/phpbb/phpbb/blob/3.2.x/phpBB/includes/functions_messenger.php#L25-L30 Might as well be written in Klingon as far as most of us oldies are concerned ? ( Shame Thursday's voting isn't computerized ... and a bug is let loose ? How many would...
I'm hoping one of the younger generation would explain in plain English.

Such bugs don't happen accidentally !

The very last thing the forum needs is for potential posters NOT to post due to said bug ?

Merely a hindrance ... posts like these ones are unaffected.