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thankyou, she is getting chc funding for now
yes, she would have a care plan i would think, as the article says.
hello, mum is 92 with mixed dementia currently in a residential home for respite, social services nurses are returning where i care for her and for carers to come in. she recently went into hospital for a uti and dehydration, i think she has nursing needs- nutrition and hydration, constipation, mobi...
thankyou melly for the safeguarding info, yes the church is sending someone to go see mum, p.
thankyou chris, we have a solicitor for the criminal side, i’m thinking may need a family lawyer too.
it’s terrible, how social services can do this.
hello i’m my elderly mum’s carer, at 92 with dementia and live with her in her home social services tried to take mum into care last week, i said better for her to live here, they said i wasn’t treating her properly medically here- nonsense, all this on a short phone call where she raised her voice ...
thankyou, we use taxis locally, we were quoted £160 from lincolnshire to north wales, each way.
can any reader give me advice about taking mum away on holiday? we like to stay with our old friend in llandudno in september as we do, but i'm not sure if we are up to the rail travel, it's a 5 hour trip, including an hour at manchester pic. she has dementia and is frail. we made it last year with ...
thankyou Elaine.
these stories are heartbreaking, I thought health and social care services had a duty to care and act in best interests if your loved one was in their hands or couldn't speak for themselves, I'll talk it over with mum and sister again, thankyou
Thankyou Elaine Pete suzie and bowling bun!