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After waiting 5 weeks; from filling in forms to claim funeral expenses, lady calls me from DWP Basically telling me cannot claim as they don’t cover my husbands repatriation to ireland! Plenty of reading the small print! and relevant notes! then duly filling in all forms, Before sending forms off. T...
When calculating for change in circumstances; when adding my Son as non dependent, they take away additional £50 per week! Just because my son is the calculation:! Yet if he was a lodger and the amount is much lower of deduction!🤔 This is discrimination in my view, as why is it different rate of ded...
Simply asked originally, ‘Other ways of moving’!
Already equipped with necessary things just the fact of neighbour complaining at night.
But back to my original question!
Housing association, disabled person has lots of issues particularly at nights, this is impacting
With neighbour moaning about noise, putting carer on edge as if not being 24/7 carer already
Besides home exchanges or transfers, are there other more urgent ways
that you can be moved?
Your Dad should have had free *Reablement Care* for up to six weeks after leaving hospital, but it's too late for that now. However, back to today, I have to agree with bb, he's made his decision, he'll have to get on with it as best he can. If and when he finds he can't, it's not your duty to step...
You have every right to stop payment, you provide proof mention court to them then see them act
Good luck to you x
My Local authority seem to have no clue to how they or rather don’t work Time to rant😡 Middle of January phoned LA to ask for my Carers assessment, this was arranged as Telephone and confirmed by letter that was 28th January gone: in that phone call The guy I’m talking with suggests that I need a ho...
They should be writing care and signing time in time out