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Unfortunately me and my wife who I care for are splitting up, and I will be leaving the marital home. Obviously I will no longer be receiving Carers Allowance, so do I just 'sign on' and claim housing benefit for my new place until I find work? Will I be entitled to Job Seekers Allowance etc? Thanks...
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I've received a letter today informing me of the rise in carers allowance. I also noticed on the letter it said I could earn up to £95 p/w. If I did this would it effect any other allowances, ie: income support etc? Or is it a mine field that would result in loads of paperwork etc?
I've been advised to have an assessment done by social services, as me and my partner are currently seeking to move to a bungalow.
Has anyone had one of these assessments (I live in Staffs area), and what do they entail?
<t>Me and my partner having being looking for a bungalow for a while. We have found a place that looks ideal, and would suit her needs, but the council will only provide £475 of monthly rent, a shortfall of £175. Is there anyway this shortfall could be made up, also as it's private, a months b...
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I could really do with getting one of these for my partner, but prices are scary. Anyone know of a cheap supplier?
So I can earn £95 p/w without losing any of my benefits?
I have been told I can work up to 16hrs a week, even though I receive carers allowance. If I work part time, does the money I earn have to be taken from my benefits, and if not, how much extra can I earn?
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