~A mother’s right~ If there is a ‘next time’ I won’t be so lenient as a mother, It’s an instinct to protect a child born who still needs you, Who can’t protect themselves from an impending danger, True, no-one has that right to put your future in jeopardy, Should they do so expect the wrath of her w...
Hiya Pet I'm good just been so busy. Hope your keeping well. How're things?
~Scarification~ A dollop of sufferance, Soup Tureen spilled, On the lap of cover, Scolding the thigh, The pain of burning, Scoulds the linen dress, and sticks it to the broth, Leave reddened scarification, Late are the rusty servants, Emotion now impaled, On lapse, of honor, The spillage still appli...
You can win against them.
Just keep on at them:)
Darkest web.

Oh, the darkest web,

guide me to the altar,

The Grimoire book of spells,

Alter kiss and tells,

Coldren a brewing,

Bats & rats begin on stewing,

Be them done well,

Or them underdone,

No stone will be left unturned,

For those who churned,

The milk into the gutter.
Try Bluebird care should cost around 1,000 for a week. I've got PA's for my son and it'll cost 3,600 to replace me for 10 days when I go away as he needs 2 carers.
My son who's 31 has only just started to communicate with me. He has autism on the lower end. We have chats now about his day at the end of the day. He'd had a seizure that day. Me~So what do the seizures sound like Him~ makes this careful OOOOooooo noise. Me~Let me hear that again Him~OOOOooooo Me~...
It's still ongoing Paul. They have picked the bins up once in 9 weeks and that's all...Really bad!
Mindfulness is a very important thing to learn especially as carers as it can save lives. It's hard to switch off but so necessary to learn to do so if you can't do it automatically.