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Hi and welcome, glad this forum is giving you lots of help too and wish you the very best in getting the support and help you and your Mum needs.
Thank you and not as soon as next month. Yep, garbage TV is light and easy to switch off to, don't have to think hard - good for me :D :lol:
My latest is "Sleeper's Castle " by Barbara Erskine, good so far :)
Hi :) Thank you to my brother and his partner, he came and picked us both up and we've had a break and change of scenery which has been uplifting and good for Mum and I both. James and his girlfriend have taken us and also Mum out on short trips and out to lunch. Given me a few much needed hours one...
Hi Sonia and welcome to the forum, you're at the best place for helpful and friendly support and great to meet you :)
Hi and welcome to the forum , you are definitely at the right place and when you need a listening ear, support and place to vent, at the very best place!

Hope you will find all you need here :)

Best wishes ,

Welcome May to the forum and know you'll find many friends, good info and advice here :)

Best wishes

Hi Barry and welcome to the forum! Have recently joined the forum myself and care for my Mum who has a rare stroke disorder . Can assure you that you will find much helpful advice and good friends here and we are all in the same boat here so to speak as carers albeit caring for various members of ou...
Thank you, ladies, for your wonderful advice! Helicopters is a very good description :)

I also believe in Karma and all your words cheered me up - thanks a million! :D

A toast to us all as carers! Bless your hearts!

You're welcome Steve and ok, great. Best wishes :)