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Hi MrsAverage

Thanks again :)

I did have one heck of a lie-in this morning! :lol:

Hoping to use tomorrow to get a bit of undisturbed work done on my forever-in-progress novel.
Thanks, MrsAverage. All sounds simple.

Because of the pneumothorax, it's gonna be the end of the week before she's home according to what I've heard this afternoon.
That's good. The link mentioned 'twiddling'. Kinda made me chuckle.
I write. Have a novel on the go. Have two pieces of paid writing under my belt. I write a blog too. I play video games - I like RPGs (Mass Effect, Dragon Age) and simulations/strategy games (Cities Skylines, Total War). Also play World of Warcraft off and on. Watch movies - horror mostly, but can si...
Hi susie, Thanks for the links. Having just spoken to the hospital, it looks like I now might need to look at pneumothoraxes as well. :cry: I'll have to keep mum from "twiddling" with it - she's a natural twiddler. :lol: I'm hoping that's just a slight nick and all will be well... but ugh. I'll be g...
Hello. Hope this is the right part of the forum. My mother is having a pacemaker fitted. I'm expecting her home in the next day or two. I know that she's likely to be quite tired for the first few days, that she shouldn't over exert and that she needs to keep her arms down. I also know she needs to ...
OK, thanks.

Could a mod delete/close this thread now, please? I'm not in the right frame of mind to be dealing with the financial implications and the bleak visage of the future that accompanies them.
Hi Henrietta,

Thanks! I immediately went looking for the ebook version (I'm one of *them*!)

I'll see if I can remember my auction site login details instead. :D
Hello, thanks for the replies. I shall have a look at that book, Susie, when I next have a tenner free. Mum gets Attendance Allowance and doesn't pay Council Tax. She had a needs assessment earlier this year. I had a carer's assessment as well which wasn't particularly productive. Aside from offerin...
Hi, Pet. Thanks! And actually, yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Didn't think about it until you mentioned it but I do recall yesterday mum went to the loo a little more frequently than normal so she may have a UTI. She's having a nap now which I'm slightly thankful for. :) I'm hoping once she wakes ...