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Question really I have asked Social Worker for copy of Care Needs Assessment Form but she just keeps saying what the budget is. What I really want to know is how they reached that.

Any help gratefully received.
Hi All Need some Guidance on Severe Disability Premium please. My Mum used to get this, until my brother moved into the house and she no longer lived alone. The only reason he moved in was to help her still live in her own house. If I remember it was about £80.00 per week allowance. But I never clai...
Hi All Does anyone have any experience on choice of care agency if County Council funding care. Have been told it has gone to brokerage and only one agency available. Also told social worker only allocated after care package in place, seems odd would have thought other way around. Any views. Many th...
Hi Joanne Sorry to hear of your problems. The weight loss could well be explained by the onset of dementia as my Mum lost nearly six stone in nine months that was with monitoring her food after she lost three. She simply could not remember if she had eaten or not. The other you might want to check o...
Hi I am no expert on this but have Mum in hospital with broken neck and dementia. When they suggested she go home with carers coming and nurses I asked hospital to complete a Continuing Health Care Checklist. What the social worker is saying is outside of her remit. Do some research on the Checklist...
Thank you for spotting that error, yes indeed it should read. Thanks for all advice they have now completed the checklist. Hopefully should now get a full assessment.

Will keep you posted.
Thanks for all advice they have now completed the checklist. Hopefully should not get a full assessment.

Will keep you posted.
Hi thanks for that, very helpful there was also a link to this site

http://caretobedifferent.co.uk/getting- ... s-started/

This went through criteria and what you need to score to get to full assessment. So onward to the next stage for us.
Hi All

Any advice on CHC funding for those with dementia would be much appreciated.

Many thanks
Hi Lou You need a break really you do. Contact Social Services Crisis Team and ask for immediate respite care so you can sort everything out. Give them your brothers details as POA for finances if she has to pay. I know this is really harsh and you may not like to do it but if you speak to your doct...