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Sorry typo As is as, PFS prepaid financial services, system used to hold personal budget for direct payments for care. The money is from a County Council Personal Care Budget, replacement care is the amount to replace the carer during that time. Not explaining this too well.
Hi Thanks I have the funding in place it is the evidence that this is allowed to be outside of the UK I am looking for. AS using PFS as facilitator not allowed transfer funds outside UK. Hope that helps
Hi All I am having immense problems with the Direct Payment Team at local CC. Never had much contact with them before but seem to have a cultural of blame the carer and inundate them with admin work. Can anyone please point me to any links relating to personal budget direct payments being used abroa...
Hi No an enforcement officer of both County Council and City Council can access the number and see who it has been issued to so they don't need to ask to see photo. I was once parked in bay and returned quickly to my car laden with shopping a little out of breath when approached by said enforcement ...
HI Chris Have been on Carers UK a while, but agree with what you say. My Mum has Vascular Dementia and I was main carer (don't live with her). Then she fell and broke her neck and spine. No spinal unit beds for elderly non operative. So braced, after suffering double pneumonia, she spent 5 weeks in ...
Hi Sharon

Hope your Mum is doing well. We bought a great seat for passenger seat, it is a bit like a microwave turntable, Mum sits on it and then it tuns without her having to twist torso, legs or hips. Could not transporter without it.

Good Luck
Hi Sarah I feel for you, I have had many clashes with Carers myself. You have mention quite a few problems. 1. In terms of times, most care companies use the clients home to record when they arrive or depart, you can buy a handset that will monitor this for you. BT Advanced Phone. Some of my Mum's C...
Hi All

Question really I have asked Social Worker for copy of Care Needs Assessment Form but she just keeps saying what the budget is. What I really want to know is how they reached that.

Any help gratefully received.
Hi All Need some Guidance on Severe Disability Premium please. My Mum used to get this, until my brother moved into the house and she no longer lived alone. The only reason he moved in was to help her still live in her own house. If I remember it was about £80.00 per week allowance. But I never clai...