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<t>Rachelthewife,<br/> Yes - it's been a but much for me as well and I'm struggling to have a life. But I hope yours gets better. <br/> We've had various poeple getting involved with our situation so I'm waiting to see if anything good happens.<br/> <br/> The main problem is that I seem to be tied t...
Alistair, Image
Glad to meet you. Do you have many Littles ?
Nenuphar, http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_smile.gif I pondered your comment about someone trying to reach out for positive interaction to counteract the bad childhood experiences or to make up for it. But the thing is DID poeple are all split up and the different personalities are still stuck in...
<t>Crocus,<br/> Thanks for sharing again. I will say that I've made it my buisness to understand DID / MPD so that I can help my wife somewhat. <br/> I've been to seminars and found some internet links that have been good and I've maintained contacts for DID for some years and read a whole lot of bo...
Crocus, http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_smile.gif You must know a bit about this to respond like you did ! I'm trying to get my wife some help. How come you are showing intrest ? Nice to hear from you anyhow but I'm curious to know why you stepped forward ?
------ and while all this was going on I'd found that the door I'd crawled through led right into - - -
Lily white !
<t>Benjamin,<br/> Does your wife have parts like my wife ? Does she act in childlike ways and have a cuddy teddy bear or something ? Does she show feelings or does she seem cold ?<br/> <br/> That's what child abuse does to you !<br/> <br/> No need to answer as the questions are for you to think abou...
I'm not going anywhere ! This forum looks good and informative and hopefully I'll learn some things over the course of the near future.

I'm looking for keys to a happier life because I feel stuck at present !