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thanks for all the replys
few things have happen since
i could write a book

but on the good side the family member in question is moving house soon so that should help ease some of the problems
god and i thought i was having a bad day first well done for speaking out as other have said get back in touch with your GP and soc services demand a urgent call out to house believe me you shout loud enough they will come on the day another thing i and please i dont mean to be cruel to you or your ...
may i say thank you for posting your moans
it help me to know i not on my own
i have tried talking to them gramps has it in his head that he can live on his own and family member thinks he able to live on his own sadly he not yes i am aware that there is people with his condition on their own but they have good family and friends and they also allow home help in gramps dont h...
what do you do when other members of family dont accept the illness gramps 84 with mixed dementia also limited mobility and lose balance easy in fairness he is very stubborn and wants his own way but family member take him out and then goes home and leaves him to look after himself to them cause he ...
Hi I done that
It donot matter if I in middle of dinner etc I say I be with you in min or two and when I do go to him all I get is it don't matter now
some very use-ful tips thank you i have same problem with father in law he very stubborn very hard to get break he dont speak to daughter and no 2 son and wont allow my partner his oldest son help him with anything i am at beck and call if for any reason i not there and he wants something he get in ...