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It done it again! But this time I had a back-up copy.
This time when I hit submit my message disappeared and it brought up a blank postreply box and when I copied the message into this box and pressed submit it worked okay.
Thank you for the bad news!

Back to the drawing board.
I have just spent over an hour writing a reply to my post this evening. I used the quick reply option and after I had written it I pressed submit, but there is no sign of my reply. Do you know where it went? and can it be retrieved.
<t>Hi again,<br/> Just to let you all know that I received a letter to confirm that my request for exemption from jury service has been granted. It goes on to say that it means that I will not be required to attend jury service for the forthcoming year. This is as good as I could have hoped for. For...
<t>Great News!<br/> I got a phone call this morning from the Jury Service and a lady told me that because of my circumstances I would be made exempt from Jury Service. What a relief!<br/> She actually said that they don't normally consider exemptions at this early stage. She said that they had poste...
Hello and welcome, I hope you find the forum helpful . . . . I know I did.
Thanks again for all of your encouragement - no news yet from Jury management team. I will keep you posted when I get word.
Thank you all again for your advice and encouragement. I will keep you posted on the outcome of the Jury management team's decision, following my letter I posted last Monday (I think they should have received it on Friday (8th)).

All advice and encouragement is still very welcome.
<t>Thank you both, this is encouraging. I hope our Jury management team is as understanding as yours. <br/> <br/> I don't think I would be very good at sorting it out over the phone, Phoebe. I am a very shy person and find it difficult talking to people. I feel I can explain things better in writing...
<t>Thank you for all of your useful advice.<br/> <br/> I liked your story too Catja. Funny thing, a few days ago, we were thinking that I may have to take my partner into court with me. We were joking that we may have to interupt court proceedings every so often so I could take her to the toilet. I ...