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Hi, I live in Northern Ireland and have a query about whether or not my 68 year old sister is in my bubble. She suffers from depression and lives on her own in a different town, but moved in with my brother at the start of the pandemic. She moved back home again in July, when things eased, and then ...
It done it again! But this time I had a back-up copy.
This time when I hit submit my message disappeared and it brought up a blank postreply box and when I copied the message into this box and pressed submit it worked okay.
Thank you for the bad news!

Back to the drawing board.
I have just spent over an hour writing a reply to my post this evening. I used the quick reply option and after I had written it I pressed submit, but there is no sign of my reply. Do you know where it went? and can it be retrieved.
<t>Hi again,<br/> Just to let you all know that I received a letter to confirm that my request for exemption from jury service has been granted. It goes on to say that it means that I will not be required to attend jury service for the forthcoming year. This is as good as I could have hoped for. For...
<t>Great News!<br/> I got a phone call this morning from the Jury Service and a lady told me that because of my circumstances I would be made exempt from Jury Service. What a relief!<br/> She actually said that they don't normally consider exemptions at this early stage. She said that they had poste...
Hello and welcome, I hope you find the forum helpful . . . . I know I did.
Thanks again for all of your encouragement - no news yet from Jury management team. I will keep you posted when I get word.
Thank you all again for your advice and encouragement. I will keep you posted on the outcome of the Jury management team's decision, following my letter I posted last Monday (I think they should have received it on Friday (8th)).

All advice and encouragement is still very welcome.
<t>Thank you both, this is encouraging. I hope our Jury management team is as understanding as yours. <br/> <br/> I don't think I would be very good at sorting it out over the phone, Phoebe. I am a very shy person and find it difficult talking to people. I feel I can explain things better in writing...