no new thoughts on assisted living tech? I saw something recently where a group of software developers where trying to understand behaviour differences and alert carers with energy consumption patterns!!!!
Rory, I have many suggestions for assistive technology, too many to list here. PM me if you want to know more. Hey Aonaidh i will PM you now. I actually spoke to the people at the LED company and they have put a blog post together on LED lights
So i'm interested in things that we could consider an 'assistive technology' that people would not automatically think of. I have some experience with technology companies and see things that are of limited value constantly being pushed as the next hot thing. I went around to see my elderly parents ...
<t>Yes brilliant thanks,<br/> <br/> I do not know if this is going on at present (going to speak to my parents later).<br/> <br/> The issue i have is essentially they could be lying, or my grandmother could be confused regarding certain issues and they could be telling the truth.<br/> <br/> Ive been...

Just wondering if anyone knows if i can find out when (day and time) and how long the carers have visited my grandmother for (aside from asking her)

Had a couple of issues and i think this could help

Thanks in advance Image