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Hiya. Just wondering how it went? Got an invite to one of those also and not sure what it's all about really. Image
I was accused of benefit fraud and after a long process they realised I wasn't actually comminting fraud
here are the guidelines for Southern Electric http://www.southern-electric.co.uk/Help ... orityPlan/ I would suggest still phoning them if you think you are going to struggle to pay, or if you face being cold to save money. Some use discretion and have other things in place. No harm in trying. This...
Just done mine this morning. Qualified last 2 yrs and looks like same this one.

Who is your supplier?
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Im with southern electric, because I am not seen as vulnerable by them I do not qualify apparently so no heating for me this winter Image

Courtz x

Just wondering if anyone else is having issues with the warm home discount. As a carer who lives alone I do not meet the right critera to claim and can not afford to heat my home so any suggestions as to what I can do.

Courtz x
Sadly, there is not much you can do about it. Shops can serve who they like. My husband was with our daughter in Tesco a few years ago,and went to buy a bottle of cider. It was a hot day and we fancied a glass of cider with our evening meal. My husband is registered blind so needed help to get the ...
Signed. Had to deal with this exact situation last night
That's discrimination. Ring their Head Office and mention the Disability Act, and make sure they give you something in compensation for all the distress they've caused you. Then give up the cigarettes, you know you don't really need them! I called yesterday and they said someone would get back to m...
<t>So went shopping in asda today went to the kiosk to get my cigarettes (yeah i started again) with my brother who i am a carer for. They would not serve me as my brother was with me and i explained that i am his full time carer and that he has just turned 14 and has special needs and asked them to...
<t>[quote]That counts as a change of circumstances, and the small print says it needs to be notified. I'm gobsmacked they picked it up so quickly, but actually its probably just as well]<br/> <br/> <br/> What really makes me laugh is if anything changes I call the straight away<br/> Even the second ...
Do you know how long you can have a "visitor" before you are deemed to be cohabiting?
3 nights a week