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Does anyone know what the political parties are going to do for carers ? Because I have no idea whatsoever.
Hi there can you record phone calls that you make to government services. I usually record them all then delete them when all is settled. But the other day I was on the phone to DLA and I told the guy who answered the phone I was recording it, he said he did not as a person wanted to be recorded and...
<t>Me and the ex-wife have been divorced now for years but we both are carers for children of ours, my daughter lives with me and my son lives with her.The problem is when we were married I was carer for my son and her for my daughter. We have just realised that after these years about 3 I think we ...
Hey magic I'm with ya
Ollie I have added you on xbox and when I get round to it probably tomorrow will add you on ps3 looking forward to gaming with you, c'mon people get me added and we can kill people together lmfao. Very late reply .... http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_redface.gif Right then, halo 4 ordered and ne...
Well done you all,I stopped last August and boy do I miss it.
It is only enforceable if it is painted blue but then anyone with a blue badge can park in it.If it is white like mine any fecker can park in it.
Yes I read that in the list of exemptions.
I also found out that if you have modification ,s to your house you can claim a rebate to so look into it.
I have a ps3, but its like a white elephant in the corner, could not set in up on the net, but I like the blue ray player. like the shoot out games, love the zombie ones. lol Minnie http://www.kolobok.us/smiles/icq/gamer.gif Do you nees some help setting it up just ask if I can help you I will,