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wow....you are getting great shots from the hide, Sajehar!
open paint.
paste from the photo you want.
press resize and cancel 100 and insert 25.
press save.
(that's how i do it for this forum)
love that 'heron +' shot, Scally!
^Juvenile blackbirds are brown too, though i am not certain for exactly how long as our mob have so many batches i get lost as to which are the latest and which the almost-adults!!!! Our back yard seems to be ideal breeding round for the blackbirds and we had at least 3 batches last season...
<t>currently have a few starlings munching on my windowsill...and wood pigeons nesting in the tree. Nice to see Madelcass, Sajehar. I was hopeless when I first got back to GB on ID - I was so used to the Illawarra birds that i knew so well - that seeing all these different species confused me. I sti...
as a rule, i don't really eat cookies...unless I make them myself. Today i celebrate losar and we make a sort of fried cookie... mine don;t come out looking as they are supposed to, but last time they fell to bits, so having lumps instead of fried crumbs is one step further towards success....
fantastic!!!! Image glad you finally sheeted up and got the shots!
Good idea! I have recently been cutting up the collapsed rose arch rose off-cuts and the pigeons seem to like those for their nest... though the sticks are a bit thick for most birds.
i don't know how my olds kept me quiet in a cinema - but i used to give my son a huge violet crumble bar (AU version of a 'crunchie') and he would slobber and suck on it til he feel asleep.... Image