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Hi Lisa Image welcome
thank you for the replies. it does help somewhat to know that i am sort of in the same boat we all are. thanks rainbow for your message. i have already added you on facebook and spoke to you on there. Sian R? Minnie, i am glad you got on ok. it is stressful been to a medical before and by the end o...
Ohhhh Sianie first off sending you (((((((((((((huge ))))))))))))))) cyber hugs . This is one hell of a situation to be put in ,sometimes it seems like the goverment doesn't class us as people ,we get paid peanuts but work the longest hours in any job yet its still not classesd the same we as cares ...
((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))) to you .
Have you tried putting some Germolene Ive heard its good for burns , i really hope your arm feels better soon
Im just getting my confidence up enough to post some on peoples posts i want them to feel like im giving support , im slowly getting the hang of the site now just building up my confidence ,sometimes i get stuck for words so respond with a (((hug))) will be posting more tho http://www.carersuk.org/i...
Heyyyy Welcome everyone here is so caring , Image hope you find some comfort and help (((hugs)))
heyyyyy ,this site has been a lifesaver to me and im only new here , hope you find a lot of new friends and some great support Image
hehehe lol ive made that many to do lists and none of them have been done Image
Hello Rainbow, we had an OES once called Queenie, then my girl got the GSD at 7 weeks, they live wih us and he answers to " Nannies Boy" !. Are there pics of your dogs here? Sorry you feel down today, I think we will all feel better when the sun shines and we can get outdoors more. Blinking cold he...
@ Alison Brooke .... do any of your children play musical instruments , i found with my brothers that music is really good for them and it gives there mind something to really focus on .