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Hi All, I attended the launch of the Hackney MS society a couple of weeks ago and the feedback was a little online brochure on Cura and the free help it gives to carers would be helpful. Here it is if of interest... http://snack.to/fuklo9nt
Does technology have a significant part to play in addressing care issues within the UK? Ive shared www.curahq.com on this forum before which is a free website that helps people share their care needs. But what other innovations could we bring about to improve the lives of carers?
Thanks for everyone's feedback on www.curahq.com. A site made by carers for carers which will remain free for all, forever.
Hi all. My nan, who my family and I care for, went into hospital again today, only for a small proceedure this time and should be out in a few days. My grandad who doesn't really need to much care himself (although he is 87 and not in the best health) insists on accompanying us on all hospital visit...
Hey Melly, thanks for taking the time to get in touch. im glad you like the idea, just a shame it cant be of more help to you. take care. Neil.
Wanted to share this with everyone. www.curahq.com is for people who need a little help getting through stressful times in their lives. Maybe you are recovering from injury or fighting illness. Maybe you are caring for a sick or elderly relative. Cura can help. Cura is a free to use website that all...
Hi Eun,

I know it is not going to suit everyone, but i really appriciate you taking the time to let me know your thoughts.


Hey everyone, im pretty new to this forum so wanted to say hello. i was speaking to the lovely people at Carers Week earlier today and they suggested i share this with you. its a website i built to help my family share the care needs of my grandparents who we still care for. it really helps our fami...