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Hi Big bear, (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) and thinking of you. As Susie said, I suppose the first anniversary is the hardest. I had panic attacks coming up to hubs's first, I didn't know how I'd be. In the end I went to Brighton, it was Hubs and mine favourite day...
Hi Wendy,
sorry I don't have any practical advice but am sure others will be along shortly with information,
just wanted to say welcome to the forum,
Love Phoebe xx
Hi Amy and michelle, I can relate to both different situations that you both have posted about. I was a carer to first my mother inlaw, then my own mum, and then my husband, all of whom have sadly passed away so I am now a "former carer". I understand the isolation that caring brings, michelle you a...
Hi Bowling, my problem was always that i knew what I didn't want, just didn't know what I did want :S My counseller sort of leads me to talk, lets me ramble on about stuff and then makes an observation that makes sense to me, I go back to see him on July 7 but can ring him beforehand if I need to. G...
<t>Hi Mandie,<br/> sorry to hear about your husbands throat cancer, hope you are both coping. I am a former carer to my mum (brain cancer) and my husband (lung cancer) both of whom have since passed away.<br/> is your husband having chemo? My friend's husband has throat cancer and has just finished ...


<r>Hi all, how are you all doing? I did post on this topic a few days ago but got right to the end and it dissappeared <E>:ohmy:</E> Didn't have the energy to retype it , lol.<br/> Booksey- hope the anniversary was ok and hope you are in your new house soon.<br/> I have not been too good, anxiety, p...
Koala- so sorry for your loss.

Scally- those are lovely words, very meaningful, certainly helped me at this stage of my life which I am struggling with.

Love Phoebe x
Hi Jan,
and welcome
love Phoebe xx
Hi Janet,
and welcome to the forum, you will get lots of help and support here, it was my lifeline when i was a carer, (and still is!)
Love Phoebe xx


Thank you, bell and Violet,
The day itself was ok, made ok by my lovely family who all rallied round. My cousin even took the train over from Bletchley to be with me.
(((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))) out to all you lovelybrave people.
Love Phoebe xxxxxxxxxxx