Kindergarten Cop
My LabradorXBorder Collie Gelert, he's 11 now but acts like a pup

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1. Ghostbusters - I love 80's films and Dan Aykroyd
2. Return of the Jedi - Definitely the best Star Wars film
3. 28 Days Later - I like all things zombies, this is one of the best zombie films IMO
- A bed with memory foam mattress, much better than my old one
- A couple of Superdry jumpers
- A few dvds and Kindle books
They're still in business, they have 2 new phones coming out this year.
rosemary- Were you looking at touchscreen or the ones with the keyboard?
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Hi Amandah

I'm in Surrey too. You can contact social services with the details here ... ocial-care

This will probably help too ... for-carers
Hi Charliee

I'm also a 'young-ish' carer. I've cared for my mum since I was 18, I'm now 26.
Totally understand what you said here:
but it's such a different ball game as a young person, trying to forge a path in life, wondering whether I will meet a special someone etc etc etc.
1. Del Boy falls through the bar

2. Basil Fawlty thrashing his car

3. Keeping Up Appearances - Waterside Picnic and Riparian Entertainments