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As the youth like to say... OMG those dolls are amazing! :o I'm amazed at how life-like some of them are, and can totally understand the appeal of collecting them. Similar to collecting teddies really, but with the bonus of being able to dress them up in cute clothes. I think it's as good a pastime...
I just want to apologise again for what I said in my first post here! It was a really horrible thing to say. I know I've got my own 'issues' with elder caring (and, yes, MH, sigh.....) but when I think of the devotion that so, so many people have towards those they care for, ESPECIALLY when they ar...
I've been watching tattoo fixers tonight as I enjoy having tattoos done and have 4 at the minute each representing an important part of my life i.e. who I am, the birth of my daughter, serving in Iraq and the death of my nan. Plus I also love drawing and sketching, so on that note I've decided to s...
Hi all, I'm a parent carer, I have 2 autistic sons, the oldest being worse on the spectrum than his younger brother who is more on the asbergers side of the spectrum (he lost his dla) but we still have to support him, I am also disabled with fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, ocd & ADHD. So needless to s...
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These are my other 2. Sailer dress set I knitted this is Angel my preemie modelling it. Lilly-Anna modelling a dress I freehand crochet.
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Little Faith
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These are 3 of my reborns. The one in pink knitted dress (which I made) is Robyn my micro preemie, the one in the Scotty dog skirt is Faith my new born size, bigger one is Mia in a pinafore I knitted. I have another 2.
does anybody here own a reborn doll I have one because I cannot have children I even have nappies for her and the baby clothes she is adorable and cuddly Hi I'm new here. I collect reborn's, at 1st I only invested in one to model my knitted & crochet baby clothing to help them sell better, which wo...