This may well apply to others and give food for thought. I am my wife's sole carer and she is older than me so I have allways considered that she might well pass away before me. But as I have recently suffered a small stroke this consideration is open to question. SO, as my wife cannot look after he...
I do wonder if ALL services in ALL parts of the country know of this system
and would look in the frig?
I wonder how many carers use the bottle in the frig system, whereby all medication details etc
are written down and kept in a small bottle in the frig ?
Then ambulance, fire brigade and police can find it if called out.
Yes, how about a rubbish bin! (Seriously - most are pretty waterproof, and passers by are more likely to toss a bit of rubbish INTO it rather than search inside to get anything OUT) Yes, We always get the postman to put unsigned for parcels in our green bin when we are out. Works a treat and we tre...
Would it not be possible to fit a large post box outside which can take the deliveries?
O deary me, which is worse, the closure of your GP or your pub (29 per week !) ? :lol:
I've just taken the wrist band about 30ft outside and it worked OK.
Why not ask any supplier what their range is?
We rent the Tunstall emergency call out system for £30 per month. Includes table unit and wrist band emergency button
I consider that if one answers a pen pal request and if the recipient is not interested,
common curtesy requires a reply.

One can always give one of many excuses if not wishing to pen pal further and doesn't have to say, "Sod off." :lol:
As carers, the other thing to consider that many lonely old folk like a visit from the meter man
for a little chat. Smart meters are deaf and very dumb.