I don't know your mother's age but with a tendency to fall maybe
time to see a doctor for an osteoporosis check, just in case.
Haven't listened to myself today. Kept telling myself to get out, but didn't go. Looking at the door, really wishing hubby would walk through. How ridiculous of me, of course he isn't going to. That's not ridiculous at all. I sometimes look at my wife's favourite chair thinking that that she may be...
If he can use a computer why not join some forums?
There are forums on the net for nigh every subject under the Sun
……..yes even including that !! :)
Get rid of the gardener pronto and time for your mother to move
to a less isolated spot.
You can buy electric risers that fit into a normal chair.
They are much cheaper than a fully blown electric chair.
I think about £300.
it’s just such a cruel cruel disease and I hate it. Thanks all x No one can really understand the real cruelty of it, unless they are the full time carer watching an intelligent brain slowly disintegrate month by month. My wife had a degree in German. Nearing the end it was nigh gone. Prior to that...
Yes, there are some of us here in various stages of bereavement.
Some very recently, others a year or more, so plenty of help here if needed.
Many of us live in empty homes now after years of happy marriage, 60 in my case. Some too don't have any family to tell us to get on with it. Lots of interests helps a great deal and it goes without saying, don't isolate yourself whatever you do. It's so easy and tempting at times to fall into a pit...
leah_1902 wrote:
Wed Oct 02, 2019 5:25 pm
Albert_1604 wrote:
Wed Oct 02, 2019 1:02 pm
My wife and I had Xmas dinners two years running.
Not too bad we thought.
How much are they?
About a fiver.
There are some remote controls on the market I believe,
that are voice operated.