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I had a phone call giving me an appointment time,
followed up by a confirmation letter..
My jab was done within 10 minutes of that appointment time.

Just a slight sore arm after about 12 hours but no other after effects
except the American accent :lol: (it was the American vaccine I had )
Alvar Liddell, there's a name from the past, when they spoke BBC English. Sometimes .I cringe at the language of young presenters now! A few years ago Radio 4 (the old Home service ) closed down at midnight with someone saying, "That's yer lot for today/" Infuriated, I write to the Chairman of BBC ...
Have just acquired an old push button Ekco.radio. Wonderful station names on the buttons such as Light/Munic/Hilv/Lux/Home etc. So I turned it on and pressed the Home button. Out of the crackle came, "This is the BBC Home service, here is the news, and this is Alvar Lidell reading it" Then I woke up.
Go to ALL shops early in the morning because the air is fresh then and loads of people have not been breathing in there
and possibly putting covid into the air.

"The early bird never gets the wormy covid!"
As this stocking was first hung up on 21 Dec 2019 (start of this thread,)
it's getting smelly now and needs a wash. :lol:
I never shop out. Food is delivered to me each week and I monitor my blood pressure and sugar levels at home.
Never have visitors either.

That is why I am hesitant in having the vaccine. How many in the trial were my age, 87. ???
If few, as i think, then I become a guinea pig. No thanks!
Melly1 wrote:
Wed Nov 25, 2020 9:33 pm

I think it will be tough on folk like S and I, who won't be seeing family. We usually see friends around the main event

I spend every Xmas on my own now as I have no family. I don't find it tough.
It's all a question of mental attitude to life.
The way to stay safe is for everyone who wishes to meet to self isolate themselves 2 weeks before Xmas.
In this way everyone is then free of the virus.
A cheap (non smart )mobile phone can be set to fast dial. All she has to do is press a single button and other mobile will ring.
My wife and I had one each to warn each other by a single button press