I believe that there are such things as carer alert cards. I'm inventing that term but someone on here might recognise what I mean. Something you carry or wear that informs the person who drags you out of a canal (joking) that there is someone else who needs help. I carry a big note in my wallet al...
Laurel and Hardy plus 100's of old films on
Talking Pictures TV on freeview channel 81.

Best channel on air. Just like the old cinema with curtains and old projectors,
coming attractions etc, as it once was in the cinema.

Get into the ninepennies again for nothing ! :) A carers delight.
If I try to wake him It's tho he just snaps out of it & talks as tho he's been awake the whole time............................................... Does any else have this with their lived ones? My wife's done that for years, even before she was disabled,(and slightly barking). She goes into complet...
Greta wrote:
Sun Apr 14, 2019 10:41 am
Albert, you don't need a certificate at your age, do you?

I have a certificate from my doctor to certify that I am still alive. :lol:
..........................just !
Anxious about my future ?
At 86 I probably haven't got one. :lol:
Pay £52 and get a print and digital Certificate of Achievement once you’re eligible, it says. .

No thanks. That sounds just screwy.
https://www.futurity.org/mushrooms-cogn ... k-2012122/

I hate mushrooms so I shall forget about them ! :lol:
Hi Albert Because you are the receiver of your wife's benefit, the DWP will just be needing to check that you are spending her money on her needs, and not frivously spending it on young women , strong drink and parties - so keep quiet about those ;) :D :D :D Don't tempt me! £59 quid a week isn't go...
Thanks for replies.
I shall say that I don't wish for every Tom, Dick and Harry to know all our
finance and then ask him if his name is Tom. :D
As you say it's not means tested so why the requirement for financial info.
I shall phone carers tomorrow as the rep is coming on Weds. :silly: