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Melly1 wrote:
Wed Mar 25, 2020 10:52 pm

- surely they are soon going to run out of storage space!!
They move to bigger houses ! :lol:
Many are worse off. Just think of abused wives who now have to live
24/7 with their abusive husbands !
NHS will be sending a letter to all the high riskers next week telling them what to do.
Kissing and cuddling will be a big no, no, methinks.
………….so if no fuel, no artics to deliver food.
Even happier days. :lol:
The local shop near me is low in stock. Has fresh milk and bread, but loo roll and tissues etc have been snapped up. I thought by now the panic buying may have stopped. Surely it will? Yes it will. Once they have filled the house, garage and lofts, panic buying will stop, unless they all buy larger...
Maybe all those cut off in care homes could be sent a weekly video of their family
so they can watch it on the home's TVs.
I have read a letter from Leicestershire Trading Standards. Some scum are offering old folk to do their shopping, taking money from them, but never returning with any shopping. So, if any of you are offered help shopping, make sure it is from someone you know or can trust. I never cease to be shocke...
Once people have stocked up, the supermarkets will return to normal.
After all, there is a limit to how much can be stored in a house...…
..unless they upsize and buy a bigger house ! :)
Go out in your cars for a run round for some relief from the 4 month
Park in a supermarket car park say, without getting out, and watch all the loonies loading toilet
rolls into their cars.
I have bought some disposable gloves. If the virus greatly increases I shall wear a pair of them whilst out shopping etc and dispose of them in a bin before getting back into my car to go home. "To hell with gel." :) I'm near 87 so have to think carefully about what to do. At present I have stopped ...