But what I really want is a remote control for the wifey.
"Right hand down a bit!" :lol:
If I could develop this idea I might end up on Dragons Den! :D Maybe call it,. "Scoot." Rather limited market they would say and you look too barmy for a punt. :lol: There are scooters on the net for sale where it is said they are remote control but that is only unfolding and folding up remote contr...
Paul, is this wise? Reading Henrietta's very perceptive comment on your other thread, that it seems your dad really is developing dementia, it may not be safe for him - or others! - if he has a motorised scooter? I wish my wife could use one but dementia blocks it as your father might soon. I somet...
Seemed a good idea , except they haven't thought of incontinence issues :lol: :lol: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-45501069 Needs assisted toilet paper. "Let the Andrex puppy do it for you." Some old men need some other robotic assistance somewhere in their robotic trousers. :shock:
I don't know how carers have any time to cook nor the desire to.
All my meals come out of the microwave. :)
Smart meters. I have a smart brain that knows how much juice I use. :D
Those who have the power to do something about this will never do so because they ALL
have sufficient money for it not to happen to any of them.
If we had a carers rights day would it be celebrated in Westminster Abbey after 70 years? :lol:
It's murder. Another apology by Hunt.
But will anyone be charged with murder?
Are the pigs flying again?
89, unsteady on feet with 15 stairs to climb.,,,,,,,,
That's a recipy for a fall, especially coming down the stairs.