But how many of that 50000 would have died even in good care anyway?
MY MP has told me he will take up my concern with the health minister. responsible.

Maybe I shall be responsible in changing the whole UK ambulance fleet eventually ! ;) :lol:
I have given her relevant phone numbers. She tells me he is more passive after seeing visitors each day. So I am popping in more often to chat with him. He can also see his children on other days. So I will see if my visits etc stop him. He is not always violent apparently, just now and again, altho...
bowlingbun wrote:
Tue Jan 29, 2019 9:33 am
According to my mechanic son, they are built on a van chassis, so they have fairly heavy duty springs.
Whoever placed the contracts for the ambulance fleets should be fired.
I have written to my MP about these NHS ambulances, asking him to raise this
with the health minister.

I will let you know what he says in reply.
I daresay that I will be given another, 'rough ride.' ha ha ha
I went with mum in an NHS Ambulance, was horrified at the ride. If lorries can have air suspension these days, why can't ambulances? Yes, of all the types of people travelling by road one would think that a smooth journey be a top priority for the sick, injured and even those dying. But I supposre ...
Last week my wife went to hospital by NHS ambulance, s distance of some 15 miles and I travelled with her. When I have been there before by car the roads seemed reasonable and not too uneven. It was not an emergency so the ambulance only drove within permitted speed limits. But the ambulance's suspe...
There are many forms of dementia and it is sad how it can affect some people. No man in his right mind would behave like this. This man needs to be in a care home, where staff have training and equipment to handle problems like this. Have you suggested this to your neighbour? Yes I have but she jus...
A clock threw seconds at me
Which I lazily dropped.
They fell into the past
Lost forever.

Make the best of all the minutes acoming your way.
My neighbour is a wonderful caring woman. Her husband is a strong man with dementia. He refuses now to sit on the toilet pan but does his feaces in his trousers. So she is having to wash them every day. If she tries to stop him he hits her ! She is going to doctor to ask for advice, but any other id...