bowlingbun wrote:
Thu Aug 15, 2019 9:03 am
Brilliantly written.
Yes, never seen better.
For all the talk, talk is the PM going to act ?
But how?
Insurance, yes, but tax to start with until insurance kicks in.
He must stop driving...…remove the battery from the car.
I don't suppose he will know now how to check that it's gone.

Contacting DVLA will not, in itself, stop him driving !
Smart meters really make me smart. :)
And I'm, smart enough to know what energy I use.
They forgot suitable music.
Bright yellow edging to all stairs.
Don't put new costly taps just put red/blue sleeve or cloth over them.
Have big pictures on doors of all rooms to show what they are,
(So in later stages they don't pee in the lounge !)
Thanks for that link. Trouble is, I don't have a freezer nor a freezer section in my frig. Thanks anyway. Guess I'm getting out of date in my ol' age :) But I do use a contactless card now when I shop.......... I've stopped touching the check out girls. :lol: :lol: (just akidding in cas...
Eating for one. I get microwaved meals, I augment them with fresh veggies etc.
Never oven cook now.
I get the 'serves one' dishes.
Wish more supermarkets did meals for one.

When I see the 'serves two' signs on packets I get all upset again. :(
Hey ho, roll on death. :lol: :lol:
At least you can still see each other. Similar to many here, I lost my wife after 60 years of marriage to dementia recently. I try to do some thing each day that I can look forward to. For example I go to a Wetherspoons now on most days for breakfast at 8 o/c Just toast etc and a coffee and read the...
I would suggest a joint account instead. Then you can manage the account, Social Services can only count half the money as mum's, and when she passes away the money immediately becomes yours without any paperwork. Don't forget to tell the bank to change the a/c names to yours only after she passes....
As dementia is a continuing downhill slope I would be inclined to let her enjoy
her life as much as possible whilst she can.
But try a big range of veg. You may find one that she likes.
What about a big range of fruit too?
Various fruit and nut bars too.
O yes, yes, as has been said you must go along with it. "Go with the flow," as I am always saying. If you try to argue it will only upset both your husband and you too. At times what they say can be quite funny, so get some entertainment from it. :) When the logical meets the illogical there is no c...