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I had a stairlift installed for my wife.
But when she died 3 years ago I decided to keep it.
Murphy's law being what it is I knew that although I don't need it,
that if I had it removed, the next day I would need it ! :-)
As dementia progresses many say things that are not true. Don't argue with them about it. It will only upset them and you. As I say, "Go with the flow." Be ready for repetitious talk too. Try not to complain about it. Some times my wife would suddenly remembered something that I had forgotten. One t...
I believe that you will be able to exchange any old ones that you have with the new.
Pet66 wrote:
Sat Jan 15, 2022 6:34 pm
Very probably Albert. 😂
Can you find something that will display his feelings!?
He hasn't got any !
Thought this would bring a smile.
When PM meets the Queen........
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If he cannot go shopping how on Earth is he getting the booze ?
I started that NHS course for pre diabetes but it was cancelled when Covid struck. Whilst you wait for a suitable solution to a course you can start controlling blood sugar levels on your own. It's just a case of having a good diet, watch too much carbohydrates these turn to sugar Snacking between m...
The weekly/daily call system, if no answer, contacts a family member/friend to check on you. If no close friend etc this system is not suitable. The pendant system is more useful as if no friends etc as if they get a panic call and one doesn't answer they send someone to your house to check on you, ...
We are in Plan B, maybe soon into Plan C.
On Xmas day we will be into Plan XP....Xmas Pudding. :)