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My message to all........

"Don't be a mug
And hug, hug, hug.
You may catch the bug, bug, bug "
Oh, BUGger.
You could have a stair lift fitted.

I could never move as my house has all the memories
my deceased wife and I had together for the 40 odd years we lived here together.
If I moved it would feel to me like discarding her to strangers.
The Duke's passing has vaccinated all the news channels against Covid,
with 100% efficacy.
My wife and I only had financial POA. No health one.
When she was in a coma in hospital the doctor allowed me to decide how best to proceed.
My wife had a pendant. When she passed away I took it over as I live alone. One day I was working in my outside workshop and must have accidentally pressed the pendant. Half an hour latter when indoors again I was in the kitchen and heard a noise in the front room. The fright of my life as a strange...
I call all unwanted noise, 'Audio litter,' for that is what it is.
Try, try, try not to fall out with any offenders. This type of selfish uncaring person can
sometimes have it in for you if you upset them.....Just watch TVs, "Neighbours from Hell."
Be careful.
I had a phone call giving me an appointment time,
followed up by a confirmation letter..
My jab was done within 10 minutes of that appointment time.

Just a slight sore arm after about 12 hours but no other after effects
except the American accent :lol: (it was the American vaccine I had )
Alvar Liddell, there's a name from the past, when they spoke BBC English. Sometimes .I cringe at the language of young presenters now! A few years ago Radio 4 (the old Home service ) closed down at midnight with someone saying, "That's yer lot for today/" Infuriated, I write to the Chairman of BBC ...
Have just acquired an old push button Ekco.radio. Wonderful station names on the buttons such as Light/Munic/Hilv/Lux/Home etc. So I turned it on and pressed the Home button. Out of the crackle came, "This is the BBC Home service, here is the news, and this is Alvar Lidell reading it" Then I woke up.
Go to ALL shops early in the morning because the air is fresh then and loads of people have not been breathing in there
and possibly putting covid into the air.

"The early bird never gets the wormy covid!"