bowlingbun wrote:
Tue Jun 25, 2019 2:15 pm
Streuth, I'm 67, does that mean I'm not worth treating either???
Don't worry, I'm 86. "Age before beauty." :)
The boss of that hospital should be given the sack. No ifs and no buts.
The lyrics start 1 minute in on this old Blue Horizon song...…... ... ORM=VRDGAR
I've always assumed that carers from an agency are insured.
A private person may not be, so there is that aspect to consider.
My wife and I had free eye tests at home carried out by Specsavers.
But we are/were both over 80.
My wifey used pull on canvas shoes, without laces which was a great help.
They are very, very cheap to buy.
I use them too laces to do up, so that's 30 seconds of my time saved each day. :)
Simple solution...…...
Get married as I did for 60 years.
I think washing is overdone anyway !! We are all brought up to wash all the time, because the grand parents did it and so far back it all began, probably started by the bloke who invented soap to make a bob or two. :lol: The skin cells replace themselves every few weeks too so we become a brand new ...
My wife never used a bath for a long time as she was too frail to use it. So I stood her at the sink and she washed her top half one day and her bottom half on the next day and so on. Each morning she used to ask me, "Is it top or bottom today?" Sometimes I forgot too so I wrote on our wall calendar...
Why does the BBC pay such high salaries?
OK, if a few left because they were not getting obscene salaries any more, so what?
It would be a better, and quieter channel without them.

Some being paid over a million a year, whilst other folk use food banks.
No wonder Corbyn may well get in soon.