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Thought of this recently.....
Some people are good at spelling, others aunt.
Thought I'd share this.........
My wife used a Zimmer frame. To get her out of the passenger seat I put her frame at the open passenger door facing her and held it firmly. She then swung round in her seat and put her feet on the ground, grabbed hold of its handles and pulled herself up onto her feet. It sounds complicated but work...
Ayjay :D :D :D
Just one more....
Man was told that a thermos flask could both keep hot liquids hot
and cold things cold.
So he bought one and tried it out. He put 2 cups of hot tea in it
together with a choc ice.
Good to hear from you, Albert. 😆🤣😂 How are you? Melly1 I'm OK, Melly. Have just cut a crop circle in my field. In the middle is cage with a Lion in it !! He has broken one of the bars trying to escape. :D So very busy trying to forget the bad times. Hope all is well with you. Take care. DSCF2435.JPG
Did you hear the joke about the coronavirus? " "No." " Never mind, I don’t want to spread it around. " I had a happy childhood. My dad used to take me to the top of a hill and roll me down in a tyre. They were Goodyears. Never tyred me out. Boss man arrived for work in Rolls Royce. One of his worker...
All in the name of the hallowed Technology, when they obviously haven't considered older people may rely on a landline connection for a Carelink pendent. Sick to death of it a one-size-fits-all world nowadays. One would hope that new pendants and a internet alarm system will be established. They ha...
My wife passed two yeas ago.......... Let some/all of the garden go wild for less work. (it's good for wild life too). Most people have a garden and do gardening. I have a jungle and do jungling. :) Shut up as many rooms as possible to avoid dusting. Buy some good quality ready meals, say 3 times a ...
My message to all........

"Don't be a mug
And hug, hug, hug.
You may catch the bug, bug, bug "
Oh, BUGger.
You could have a stair lift fitted.

I could never move as my house has all the memories
my deceased wife and I had together for the 40 odd years we lived here together.
If I moved it would feel to me like discarding her to strangers.