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My wife's stairlift is operated by a simple to use paddle switch. Easy to use for those with Arthritis etc. Also two portable remote controls top and bottom of stairs for others to use. Our stairs are narrow and it is a hindrance taking large objects past it although folding seat swivels round 90 de...
My wedding anniversary is coming up soon
in 3 weeks too.
As I did with Xmas, I shall try and treat it as a normal day.
I miss her more now than just after she died. :(
Just imagine when a doctor goes on his ward rounds he is heard saying to a nurse,
"When did this patient last do any exercise?"
"Why is she in bed when she could be sitting in a chair moving her arms
and legs about. I've told you about this before. Get it done, nurse!" :)
I can't understand why patients in hospital are not encouraged to move about as much as they are capable of doing. Take walks at least twice a day. or even just sit and move arms legs about within their capabilities. I walk an hour each day, including a hill climb. Also do some exercise indoors too,...
On the fifth day of Christmas, Santa gave to me,
Five uneaten meals to wash up,
Four loads of washing,
Three urine soaked garments,
Two quiet mins and a day off beside the sea.
K - Krackers……….well my spelling wasn't ever very good. :lol:
My foot.
Neighbour's husband, advanced dementia. Severe incontinence Stoke, went to hospital. Kept in for 3 weeks. Discharged 2 days ago with promise of 2 carers 3 times a day. Wife found that husband could no longer walk when he got home. Too weak. Carers left without helping as no hoist installed. Wife cal...
I am very sorry to hear of the death of your wife. I too lost mine 6 months ago of 60 years happy marriage. I would not worry about your wife's clothes etc. I haven't sorted my wife's out yet either after 6 months and don't intend to yet. I too said a little at her cremation but had an understanding...