I have had to find an extra £100 a month since this came into effect in October and that has to come from the money for food, heating etc.

Not sure how we will manage. Image
Aw now I see who you are. Wrong forum Angel. LOL
I'm in Southport.
I'm in Merseyside too with 3 ASD. I'm at the north end of the borough.

I'm happy to talk if you want to or point you to some resourses.
<t>I know what you mean Eun as we are doing much the same for our son and have been since he turned 18 in Jan.<br/> <br/> We have been taking him out to pubs and clubs and to listen to bands and dj's etc. All this is so he can do it on his own one day. (hopefully)<br/> <br/> While we were out last w...
Your in the same place as me then with children with hidden disabilities.

Well mine are adult too at 28, 23 and 18.

It's hard work isn't it especially with no services to help.

All I can offer is (((hugs)))
They have nothing. No food, no water, no shelter. Some have lost all their family and some are seriously injured.
Where is the compassion for these people. Image

We have so much in comparison.
<t>I prefer to think of labels as being signposts to aquiring treatment, education etc. appropriate to the child/young persons specific needs.<br/> <br/> There are tests and treatments for Autism. Not all treatments work for all children as they are all individuals despite all having the same diagno...
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