did my last shift at crystal court today, received a lovely bouquet of flowers and card, lots of hugs. feeling a little emotional as I was there for just short of four years
Two weeks tomorrow i start my new job, very nervous but excited at the same time :D
Charlie and me had a lovely time, lovely pressies,good company and delicious food
Packed and ready to go to my son, one suitcase and a very large rucksack with lots of pressies, quality family time with my children here we come :D
just had a call from my new boss, putting my notice in on Friday so only 9 shifts to go :D
Dbs certificate in post yipee :D
Drc check been prossessed just waiting for printed copy to take to new place to get start date then put my notice in where i am, nervous but excited too
Was wondering what charlie and me doing for christmas as she has no cooker, my son called yesterday an has invited us over to his for four days, can't wait as its the first time in 2 years we have been together :D
it was Liam Brady, my grandparents get mentioned in his book
I don't support a team but both Charlie and my son Michael support Manchester united, years ago when he was alive my grand pops was a season ticket holder for arsenal, and even had one of the young lads from Ireland living with him when he first came over