OH has Parkinsons Disease, and I have noticed that his pupils are lije pinpoints, and his eyes look cloudy, is this likely to be due to the PD or should I look for another cause?
Thank you for your advice, elder toddlers is a lovely phrase, he does get very child like ar times, very demanding and impatient, my most used phrase atm seems to be time and patience.
My daughter is an adviser for the Alzheimers Society, so she has been a great help.
Susieq, the tears are the things that upset me, his personality has changed, and he can be really nasty at times, saying really hurtful and spiteful things, he's also vey impatient, but beedy at the same time.
It's such a difficult thing to deal with. Luckily we have a fantastic GP.
He'll, I'm Maureen, and I care for my husband who has been diagnosed with Parkinsons and dementia. He will be 79 this year, I will be 72 in May. I can cope with the physical side of caring atm, apart from having to get him up if he falls, it is the mental and emitional side of things that I am findi...