Ive just ordered MIL some all in one vests. She has a habit of taking her pull ups off during the night. I will report back with results
My MIL was in hospital "bed blocking" i refused to let them move her to respite, so i simply said that if they would pay me via direct payments, then i would give up my job to look after her. I spoke to the LA duty team and sounded them out, they were happy with it because its still saving them money.
I dont know whats happened here? ?? My name is michelle, not sally. I seem to be logged in on someone elses account. I joined the forum to post in this thread and it appears me and sally have got the same login :o
Please don't reduce your care package. Chances are you wouldn't get it back again if you need it in the future. My mother in law lives with me and my husband. Ive just given up a full time job to care for her as we couldnt find anyone suitable do do the now needed, double up calls with her current P...