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New to me too, will pass on the info to wife as she often struggles to get her mother into the bath.


So the ist April will see another petition, this one about free speech? Image


Ps You might make the Guinness book of records for the first person to get an ASBO
for upsetting Downing Street! Image
<t>Lisa,<br/> <br/> I cannot comment on the carers part , i have too little knowledge for that, but i can empathise about the 'lost' feeling you describe as it happened to me when i had to leave my job through ill health.<br/> <br/> I am not isolated by geography, as yo are, but was unable to travel...
<t>Mairie,<br/> <br/> You may find that it is hard to disappear, often problems will follow of their own accord so what appears to be a good solution turns out differently.<br/> <br/> We have a similar problem (i guess), in that we know that we shall have to put my Mother-in-law into a home, somethi...
<t>Aye, my wife often says this to me, and ponders on the altered state of things.<br/> <br/> I can only guess at how hard it is for carers, i know what it has done for my wifes mental state and hear from her about my sister in law who shares the carers duties, but you folk on here will be well awar...
Many thanks for the welcome.

i just hope i don't have to pester you folk with too many questions.

<t>Many thanks folks, sorry for the delay but i have/am dealing with a funeral as well at the moment.<br/> <br/> That post of Matt's [/quote]However, if you continue to claim Carer’s Allowance while you are putting off claiming your<br/> State Pension, you will not build up any extra State Pe...
<t>Hi all, new here.<br/> <br/> I have read lots about Direct payments (DP) but am at a loss as to the best solutions so hope for some advice.<br/> <br/> Firstly, i am not the carer, my wife and her sister look after wifes aged (dementia) mother at home on a shared basis. Sister in law is the 'named...
Hi All.

Just dropped in the say hello and explain that i am not a carer, just the hubby, but caring tends to have a large ripple effect, so i get the job of sorting issues.

As one has arisen i have poted it as a separate thread.
best regards,