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I definitely understand you. Shame the stroke society are less than helpful to you.
Is yours husband's memory impaired and getting worse? His not understanding that he has a disability is very concerning.
Hello and welcome to the forum Marie Have you ever been in touch with the stroke society. They were helpful to me when my late hubby had strokes. The brain damage the stroke causes can make some sufferers very self centred and at times inappropriate. You shouldn't and can't be coping on your own. Bo...
I agree. You cannot be stopped from applying for CHC. If you can find the check list and tick off what you feel should be the scoring it helps. You know more what you are up against. I'm not sure how your the person who you privately rent from will feel about adaptions being made to the property? Us...
Hello Nicky and ask welcome to the forum
You have a lot on your plate.
Unable to advise you at the moment, but others will be along with practical advice.
It's a very supportive forum, has been to me anyway
Welcome back Charm
BCC still very unsupportive I see.
I too have become a great grandmother. Great granddaughter has brought light into our lives. Lost hubby in May, and sad he didn't get to meet her. He moved over to make room for her!
Keep in touch.
Yes, there was is one at the nursing home my late hubby was in. It actually gave me the creeps! Sat in front of a fire place. I didn't see residents take much notice but they may have.
Hello London bound
I dream very frequently about my late husband. He died in May. 4 days after his 70th birthday.
Some dreams are good, some are disturbing. More like flash backs. I think it's part of the greiving process.
Hello and welcome My advise is do not let the hospital rush you. I know it's very hard but try to find some time to look round homes. If they are ok, you should be welcomed whatever time of day you go, without an appointment. The smell should tell you a lot. You will know the difference from stale o...
I agree BB. My heart flips when I see homeless, but have been taken for a fool more than once. Trained staff, not from DWP, should go out very late evenings, and early hours, to establish genuine homeless people. Some, near me, pack up and go ' home' after 6. I'm not uncaring, far from it. However D...
Hi Sarah
Have you considered joining Al- Anon UK. It supports families who have family members with drink problems. Am sure they will have advice for you. You really have to consider your own well being too.