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Hi Louisa
Is your Mother in a care home or nursing? Possibly need a falls prevention team to assess her. The are obliged to telephone and tell you when she has fallen, as you could complain if they didn't. It's very much a worry, I understand that. Painful to think mobility capacity is declining
I agree Denis It shouldn't have been, but never the less was a shock to me when my son in law then daughter caught covid. Very vigilant family, masks, sanitiser, the family apart from the 12 year old all double jabbed. Fortunately they have fought it off hopefully thanks to the vaccines. Think I exp...
Hi Bernadette My husband used to ask if I his mother was visiting. I told him various reasons why she couldn't, from not today,it's too wet, to hot, it's her deaf club meeting ( both of his parents where profoundly deaf ) My reasons seemed to pacify him. Couldn't possibly tell him his parents had di...
Never fail to make me smile 😀
Hi and welcome
I won't add anything to Bowlingbuns post as it's important if you can to reply.
Here is a (((( hug))) and I am thinking of you. Have some understanding of how you feel.
Hi Maggie I remember only too well the upheaval if taking over everything when my late husband went into a nursing home with vascular dementia and other health issues. We had our roles as a couple. As many couples did in the 60s and 70s. Surprising what you learn to sort and cope with. Sad to read y...
David I hope not false promises after the fiasco last time! Bet you feel emotionally drained.
Don't let the assessors think needs are now well managed. You still don't get enough sleep, and am sure your wife's needs haven't improved. Sadly it will still be a fight. Fingers crossed it's not.
BB I shall follow your thread with great interest. Appalling it's had to go this far with you forking out so much money! Hopefully you will get a very satisfactory outcome. You should!
Julia My lovely late husband was in a nursing home. Vascular dementia and other health issues. Before his dementia declined he heard to say let's go home. ( He gave his address to an assessor as his childhood home). I never told him he would never get home again. Kind lies I used to call them. You c...