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My friend is nearly 80, with health issues, including breast cancer, treatment stopped because of staff problems, has had nothing in the way of support. No letter nothing. Fortunately I can get her shopping, even more fortunately managed to secure an online shop. I can't carry it all, ( no car) have...
I too have used online banking for years. I check my account regularly sometimes each day, and find it reassuring.
I'm sure Ajay's advice is correct, the company may accept your payment directly via the phone. Do hope so.
Sajehar I've often wondered about you. Sorry to hear about your health issue. How dreadful. You remained so strong throughout everything that happened to you, so Im not surprised the tree incident tipped you over the edge. You don't need to see the tree to keep your memory alive, your mum is in your...
Martin, I wouldn't dream of criticising! I don't judge situations especially after losing my husband. The long cruel goodbye. This is one of the worst things I've heard about this coronavirus situation. It's all terrible, but for your wife, it's taken her decision away. Others won't agree, but time ...
I prefer the long life version of skimmed milk too. My son in law kindly dropped a few bits in my porch the other day. He bought me lactose free skimmed. I was wary but it was fine. May be worth a try.
He certainly does. Looks like you too Pete.
I've just spent 1½ hours in the garden. Tons to do. Birds were tweeting which was cheery. Suddenly went really tired. Comes from the lack of motivation I keep suffering with.
It's taken me days and constant checking. I prefer not to go out except for a short walk. Am a healthy 70 year old, and want to remain that way. Family have been through enough heartbreak. Bill, you made me feel I should justify trying!!
After days I've managed to get a Sainsbury's on line slot!! Have only ordered what I need, plus some naughty choc biscuits. Only one pack promise.
Grandchildren's goody tin not touched. I dare not, would be too tempted. Odd to see that full lol
Sadly vets aren't open at the moment. DD dog has had an op to cancer in the nose poor thing. She had her check up but has now to go to an emergency vet for removal of stitches. So it's going to be harder to get to a vet if needed.
A very stressful day for you. I've just deleted what I was saying, as I was double checking what you wrote. Could job I did.
What is going on I wonder.I really feel for you