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I know they're really tiny, obviously they're more suited for those without mobility equipment.
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I just stumbled across this thread whilst having a cheeky browse at work...needless to say I've sat at my desk in front of everyone trying this out!! Haha..!
Just to clarify, this is not Fiat propaganda! I genuinely think this is a good deal on a motability car Image Just trying to help x
I've just started a new weekend job as a receptionist at my local Fiat dealership and have had a lovely chat with the onsite Motability guru about the super stylish Fiat 500. The car is available as nil deposit and doesn't take the full Mobility component of DLA so there'll be money left over from t...
I definitely think that holidays are 'worth it', even if all you gain from them is a better understanding of how to utilise your time / plan excursions more effectively etc. for 'next time'. I was fortunate enough to take a holiday to DisneyWorld, Orlando with my mum and sister two years ago. They w...
Thank you so much! Although I hope I've not made you too sleepy!!

You diamond, thank you

Aw thank you loves This is the friendliest forum I've come across thus far! I've been signed up for a while and affiliated with Carers UK for longer but only recently popped my head up to say hi! Hope you're all as well as you can be http://www.carersuk....