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Trouble is they can always find a counter argument, regarding DLA.
I've just had a reply from the Council regarding my appeal. I appealed on the grounds DLA should not be included as Income. This is what they said I note your comments about DLA not being included as an income. Whilst DLA is not included when calculating your entitlement to Housing Benefit, it is in...
I believe my council did the same, anyway I've appelled just waiting for the reply.
I did one a few weeks ago, they won't force you to do anything. Don't worry!
Peter that's the most sensible post I've read on this thread. You've summed it up perfectly in my view. Personally I think no leader should serve more then two terms.
I can't see anyone 'lecturing' anyone, just differing views being debated on a subject I think people will have 'agree to disagree' on, politely. I couldn't agree more Myrtle. Charles is the last person to ''put down'' anyone, let alone treat them like a kid Kev. This is exactly what Thatcherism ca...
You don't have to tell me about caring and costs, I've being doing it full time for over 10 years and we have just lost £35 per week due to bedroom tax. So don't you dare lecture me on what's happing as though I'm a kid because I dare to disagree with your opinion on Margret Thatcher.
<t>Every Seviceman and woman on parade today would have being paid anyway regardless of what they were doing, You are falling into the trap that Politicians love to use to justify cuts regardless of the Political party. They always quote the retail costs to the Country when they are only paying whol...