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My aunt's care home has recently started visits in a garden room through glass with a top window open. They work quite well even though she has limited vision and hearing. I hope your Mum's care home can come up with something like that.
There is just something wrong with the present system Penny. Good to hear the FHP will be wearing full PPE though.
I wonder what the NHS chiropodists will do AJ. They can't leave people forever.
My 91 year old aunt's care home has been in lockdown for weeks yet now a chiropodist is having to visit because carers won't cut my aunt's toenails. She doesn't have diabetes or peripheral vascular disease- she just can't see to do it. I wonder why someone is having to be brought in to do this. It s...
Hi bowlingbun
Do you mean she won't have the choice of staying at home but will be made to go to hospital?
Or that there won't be any help available?
Thanks :)
My mum is 90 and lives independently. She has COPD and has been staying at home and not seeing anyone, with online deliveries and some shopping help, plus hospital appointments. She has said that she does not want to go to hospital if she gets coronavirus pneumonia. She also does not want me to catc...
Housing Benefit teams can be really awkward. Mine tried to say a one off gift to me was an income I received every month. Can you ask your Mum's social worker to speak to the HB team? Hopefully they will believe her. Otherwise the SW will have to suggest a different way of organising your Mum's money.
Do appeal. I was watching the PIP debate in parliament yesterday and they said something like 65% of decisions get overturned at appeal. Ask your MP for help. Lots of people do. Or visit the Benefits and Work site for advice on how to appeal. Don't give up - lots of bad decisions are being made at t...
Well we had a bit of a talk about her having carers, and the strain on us. We've also completed the Attendance Allowance form (what a marathon that is!) Then a few days later I received a large cheque from my aunt, thanking me for what I do for her. It is lovely of her, and much needed, but now I fe...
You must stick to your plan Sarah. It really is awful. If you are clearly handing over responsibility to someone else then it is not not not your fault is something goes wrong. You have done your 'bit' -over and above. It's someone else's turn now.