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<t>Hi<br/> <br/> Today has been such a dificult day. I find myself not wanting to be with people and at th mopment that is very difficult.<br/> <br/> Last Monday I had a phone call from a neighbour of my mum's who lives 100 miles away from me as she was not well. My sister and i came up to see her a...
Thank you for all your caring posts. It has been such a difficult week. Since the funeral on Mon 19th I feel as htough I have been hit by a train that has left me with a permanent physical ache. I know that it will feel like this for as long as it does but I miss John so much it hurts. There is all ...
<t>Thank you so much for all your hugs and prayers.<br/> <br/> We said goodbye to my lovely John yesterday and whilst a sad occasion we also laughed and I hope conveyed to everyone there the essence of John. He was the kindest, gentlest man I have ever met and also the untidiest!! What I would give ...
Thank you all for your support.

we will be celebrating John's life and saying our farwells Mon 19 december starting at 2pm.

Helen xxxx
My lovely husband lost his battle with cancer yesterday morning at 7.40am. he was ready to start the next part of his journey and we sent him on his way with our love. Helen x Image
I am glad I am loved and cherished
Boobie pottiedunkin
It is so hard to deal with those guilty feelings isn't it? I am a relatively new carer - my husband has terminal cancer - and some days we jsut spark off one another. i always feel so awful afterwards if I snap at him ....but like yours he gives as good as he gets sometimes. When I have had time to ...
I have not been here long and have posted a few times and have received tremendous support.

Welcome Image x