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Carers UK Forum - Search
if carers are no longer carers who will care for our loved ones i care 24/7
how can i possibly go back to work its totall stupidity
the person i care for would have to return to hospital.
it makes no sense to me and would cost this crazy goverment more money not less.
<t>the bigger picture is this where do the people who we care for go if they try and attack us the carers or the people we care for thats right back to hospital.<br/> costing the fools billions they already save by us the carers.<br/> we carers are the ones who sacrifice ourselves we deserve a blood...
ponder this your next vote wont be for 5 years Image
<t>hi Parsifal<br/> well what we need i mean the public in general<br/> is more say in what happens not small stuff but big issues like do we join the euro do we go to war do we renew trident do we sack corrupt mps etc<br/> we need a public vote on these issues.<br/> not one vote in four years i mea...
<t>people voted for mps and told them its ok to be corrupt we dont care fill your boots<br/> my parents generation would have been rioting in the streets this generation have no morals<br/> or right from wrong very sad really.<br/> thanks gordon brown for leaving us all with 800 billion in debt<br/>...
dont get involved in this tv show its not worth the risk
<t>the millions who vote are condoning the expences scandal i like to call it fraud and theft<br/> ask yourself this who has been prosecuted <br/> david cameron gordon brown nick clegg all over claimed expences<br/> the democratic system in the uk is dead its corrupt its rotten to the core<br/> my v...
<t>im sorry folks but how long have people been caring <br/> so carers got a mention do you really think this is progress well i dont<br/> are people really going to vote<br/> how quickly we have forgotten about the mps expences<br/> or should i say fraud to give it its proper name<br/> carers are n...
never mind paying money back why are they not being prosecuted for fraud
they are quick enough to prosecute benefit fraud
makes me sick
funny how these promises apear just as we are heading for an election
same old politicians same old bribes lol