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Under the Care Act 2014 the local Council are responsible to provide for the care needs of people within their borough, not the Government. Sometimes this has to be pointed out to them! They are given money by central Government to do this Legal function, and they cannot push the responsibility on t...
Try and contact the Alzheimer's society and find out about a scheme called singing for the brain[ /quote]. It should be restarting now. It gets people out of the house and to a central point, where they sing together with others who have dementia and their carers. She will enjoy the experience with ...
My wife is in the last stages of dementia. One of the problems is being unable to get her to drink from the nursing cup. After a spell in hospital due to dehydration I have come up with a solution. It consists of a plastic sauce bottle with a short piece of plastic tubing added. My wife used to grip...
I have written several and they are on Google Play for free.
Just search using the word dementia.
They include a counter, music apps etc for the sufferer.
It also generates information for the carer.
Joda, You need someone to talk to, which you can do online with others in your situation that HAVE coped with situations like this. Mobilise do a online video chat on weekly and daily basis, they are very kind and will do coaching sessions to discuss solutions direct with you. see mobiliseonline.co....
You need some assistance from the local council.
I had some paid for carers come and sit with my wife, to give me some time off.
Also a volunteer to take her out for a couple of hours, which she enjoyed and again I got a break to go shopping etc.