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Follow the following steps:

1. Think positive and hope for the best.
2. Believe in yourself.
3. Stop pitying yourself. Just look at those people who are living in worst situation than you.
4. Distance yourself from negative people.
5. Engage yourself in physical activities like running, cycling etc.
Hi My dad did the same when he was at the end and as a nurse caring for dementia patients I see a lot of my patients doing this it's hard but I do think it is their last choice they make just make sure that he receives regular oral care and if he takes a drink let him have it make sure it's availabl...
I find my happiness in the things that make me happy ha. So you know like in my toys, my art, my family who I love to bits. When I was low I did find it hard to see in each day but in the end I realized I was wasting my life away so I started finding things to enjoy and I'd also write down good thin...
When you feel like that depression is settling in, and this is it. How do you find that happiness? How do you find the power to see another day? When depression hugs you ome gle and says, “this is what you deserve and this is where you belong” how do you say, “no I deserve better” What helps you?
Thanks for the suggestions.
Hi I have a guy friend, he appears to be chill and cheerful person most of the time. full of energy. knowing him for 3 years, he really is a simple guy. he will play some video games to let off some steam. but recently, it's quite frequent for me to hear that he wants to give up in life so badly. he...