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MPs don't usually have much influence with councils. Better to speak to your local councillor. They can open doors an MP can't.
My Dad took the decision that he no longer wanted to be treated, or fed. The hospital respected that decision and so did we. One of the more difficult decisions I've had to make. I think you need to speak to the consultant again and make it clear what happened with the nurses: it's important to find...
It might be worth talking to a lawyer about this: most offer a free half hour consultation. My understanding is that even though they won half, there's no way they can force a sale at this stage, although I have to ask if your reluctance is because you really want your Dad to come home now? With his...
The Titfield Thunderflash

The Man in the White Undies

Fizzle Gordon
Hi Brendan

My Mum has dementia and I used to work with carers who were caring for people with dementia, among others, and I've never come across that one! Is it possible that he used to do Karate as a youngster and is merging memories?
It's probably worth talking to someone at Jobcentre Plus about Access to Work. The reason you have to have the job first, as I understand it as a former employer, is that different companies have to pay a different percentage of the adaptations/equipment costs. For example, a charity would probably ...
Signed. The current "computer says no" is simply a lie.
Something like this turns your life upside down. Everything changes and it takes time to get used to the new circumstances. Some of it you may never adjust to. My Dad had a massive stroke at 52. It took his right side and most of his speech. He learnt to walk again and to speak - with dysphasia and ...