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It's all just a mess but I'm gonna do what you have suggested and go to the local authority. 6 days notice is abysmal in my opinion I though it was 2 weeks notice at least but they told us Thursday evening when it was too late to even ring around companies
Because she receives direct payment social services are saying its up to my mum (who can't use her hands to ring anybody) to find another care company they said they don't get involved
So my mum has MS needs 2 carers 4 times a day and has complex care needs and can't do much for herself. On Thursday night on the tea visit a carer told my mum that there going to have to drop my mums package of care and from Wednesday 24th November there going to stop coming and she needs to find so...
All the reviews are good except for mine, but most of the reviews I noticed are from the manager and her staff members
Mum doesn't want to change the agency she is very happy with them, but of course doesn't see what I see
I've spoken to CQC and also had to report them to the ombudsman due to them making a medication error and the manager trying to cover it up
So I left an honest review of my mums current care company and the manager told me to remove it otherwise she would sue me? The review was what I experienced first hand no lies only truth and I got forced into removing it
I have the same problem, previously the carers were not allowed to take there shoes off and were not allowed to wear the blue plastic shoe covers due to health and safety according to the manager so my carpets and floor were muddy constantly, especially in winter. I wouldn't mind bit the carers choi...
So my my has 2 Carers 4 times a day and I live with my mum and the problem I'm having is lack of respect. They leave things a mess after they have finished caring for my mum, they send Carers who do not understand basic English which is difficult for my mum. They also send new staff to shadow bit th...