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As always, thanks, BB.
Perhaps a little off the shoulder number...? I draw the line at heels, though.
As a newly retired police officer......yep, Bowlingbun is 100% right . Those Ring doorbells (other makes are available!) really do sort out a multitude of sins. If the comings/goings from your place is something you need to measure, they're impossible to beat on a normal budget. Believe me, if you w...
Dear Peter, you are 100% spot on again. Trying to explain it to somebody that hasn't or isn't going through it is nigh on impossible. Yes, people nod and smile in sympathy and all that, but they cannot know what its like. That's why we have to stick together! By 'it' I refer to the slow, irreversibl...
Charles, I have to say as well, I think you are 100% spot on. People really really do not understand. Some may claim to, but they really don't. You are not wrong in that having some 'me time' is vital. I totally agree. Because I do, and she allows this and is supportive of it. Trouble is, it is fini...
Dear Peter, having read your second post, things are much clearer. I'll certainly say that your situation reflects mine. We've been married 15 years and she's been ill with ME/CFS for 14 of those. Did not/could not see that coming. Our marital relationship is one of carer/patient I'd say, more than ...
All lovely, but don't forget to care for yourself, and don't be a doormat!

All the best, we are here for you.
Tom, you have my best wishes. Keep venting on here by all means, if it helps.

Maybe take each day in bite-size chunks? Just so it all doesn't seem so enormous and unmanageable.

Be kind to yourself.
Still caring for an ex-partner after such a length of time demonstrates that you are a loyal, caring and thoughtful person. It probably shows you still love them to some degree. Perhaps things would be easier with a total break? I take it that that's far easier said than done, otherwise you'd have p...
Welcome aboard. Happy to help.
You certainly did, I've replied.

all the best