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Thats a great ideal Melly - thank you will call today :)
Hi Melly

Yes I have double checked this and have been advised that if I use a payroll service - this is not allocated in the allocated budget in adults?
Hey Ryan That sounds really tough on you - and very isolating. You are still so young, you are in inspiration caring for your mum as you are.. It is good to hear that you have your own flat to go back to. Does your mum have any interests? - perhaps very slowly you could try and catch her attention i...
Hi All I was looking for some advice. I used to manage my daughter DP's under children's social services and I used IBS to raise the wage slips and I would pay the amount owed. The DP budget allowed me to pay IBS. However now we have transferred to adults I understand that an amount is not allocated...
Hi Nic

I have just sent you a PM - maybe we can help each other or at the very least have a good chat!!!

Bowlingbun, It is so isolating she is only in school part time following home schooling for 2 years - then covid!! so I don't really know many parents in her current school - we have one year left there and then entering the world of college. My aim is to one day be able to return to work myself - i...
Hi Sally,

How are you ? - My daughter has ASD, anxiety and health conditions - I am her full time carer - she is 18 at the end of this month.

Do your boys live with you ? I am also a single parent - so things can be isolating - a chat would be lovely!!

Thank you so much for the link Sunnydisposition! I didn't realise they did this - THANK YOU :D

Have a great day too
Hi Bowlingbun, You are incredibly strong and have made really tough and hard choices - but without a shadow of doubt the right one - this is my aim to know that come a day I am not here that my daughter will have the skills and be in a setting that she can be as independent as possible. I am just no...
Hi Sunnydisposition, How has your day been ? thank you for your replies - what a lovely group this is :) My daughter has autism, high anxiety, moderate LD and physical health difficulties. She currently has no interest in friends so that makes all the social groups not an option... I LOVE the pen pa...