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Hello all Ula here. I went quiet, we have moved house 3 times and we have gone to help our daughter each day who has been since Christmas under a greater and greater influence from psychosis. After 5 mental health assessments, during which time she was at an ever increasing risk of harm she was sect...
Dear Stephen
This is a remarkably helpful way of helping with drinking.
Mostly though your love shines through, I am sorry your wife is so poorly
My warm wishes to you
Dear Brendan This sounds a really hard time for you. I have used therapy to help myself with panic. However you may not choose the therapy path. I have also used medication from my GP. I would talk to Gp or do an econsult. Seek urgent help if you feel desperate. This forum is for carers of people in...
Dear Nigel.
I hope you are ok and not to sad or lonely,
Let us know if you can.
Dear Tom
It sounds hard for you.
I am glad your mum has times when she feels content.
Well done for giving her care that helps her find peace, I guess she has had suffering.
Do you get a break sometimes and some you time.
I hope so.
What a sad experience, You may need advice from carers help line, It is important you feel you can either look after your mum Or if she is to unwell, which is sadly the way it sounds. You need to feel happy about the home she will go to. Speak up and ask for advice. I care for a young adult so not m...
Dear Erin
Have you been getting on ok?
You must be a super busy Mum.
I hope you get a bit of you time.
Warm wishes Ula
Dear Pansy
I hope you have a good break.
Thank you for your warm words.
If you feel up to it let me know how your son gets on with new meds

Our daughter gets through a lot of phones, I don't think psychosis likes phones.

Warmly Ula
Dear Erin
I have noticed other carers looking after people with your husband's condition.
Do call the carers help line x
Your situation sounds very hard
I hope you get a response soon.
If not put Becker MD in the title of new chat thread.
Take care Ula.
Dear Pansy Back to square one, daughter fully psychotic again she sent me away from her flat and not unsafe enough to call police, I hate leaving her alone. Trying to stay calm watching the birds on the feeder. I wish there was more supported housing. I wish she would live with us but that does not ...