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Appointee is a term used by the DWP in relation to payment of benefits. I'm not sure it has any relevance in relation to banks
My mother aged 96 has recently been in hospital and is now in rehab. Whilst she was in hospital I was asked to agree to a DNR, I was told that if I did not agree, they would seek a second opinion and register a DNR anyway. They really did put the pressure on asking me every single day and put on a d...
Thank you Jane, I've responded to your privaste message.
the England one
just tried to get a printed copy and it's out of stock.
Far too many pages to print off
Are you in a position where you could let her go into the better one and then pay the extra fees yourself or from her savings.
I am a carer for my 96 year old mother. She only eats small meals. What works very well for her are the ready meals from Wiltshire Farm Foods. They have a small portion range. It's just a matter of putting them in the microwave. They are very nutritious
I will not be having a smart metre in my home. I object strongly to anything to do with them. If the time ever comes, (which I doubt will actually happen) when I am told I have to have one, there will have to be a court order even to enter my property. And then I will insist that it is put well away...
your state pension will not affect your wife's PIP but it will probably be taken into account for universal credit, assuming that is being claimed as a joint claim.
I have recently become the carer for my mother, who is approaching her 96th birthday. She's been living in California for the past 20 years with my brother, coming back twice a year for visits. She came for a visit early in March of last year and is still here as she can't get back due to Covid. All...