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I don't know if it's a common feeling but does anyone feel worse when people ask how are things going and what have you been up to? I'm a carer for both parents whose mobility is not good and find through lockdown I've felt overwhelmed, struggling and head pressure with everything. I also suffer wit...
I had a text last week that I could travel to Excel London for my first jab. My local vaccination centre is out of vaccines so currently waiting to hear from my GP. I'm on Careers Allowance so fingers crossed I get the jab soon.
I suffer with general anxiety disorder which I've had for years even before caring. I get told a lot to try and go for walks. It wouldn't be easy to have a short break in the long term as I would worry more. Also with lockdown my anxiety has been with me constant and things get to me more. Listening...
I'll do that and hopefully in time I'll feel more at ease.

Thank you Melly1
Thank you Melly1 I keep forgetting to look at that area you sent the links to. I am with a support group but events are too far from me even though they show up as my nearest. The virtual online meets I think will help me. Some days I struggle and find things get to me emotionally. Thank you again
Sorry if this is the wrong section to post this, but are there any carer meets that happen? Ideally I would like to meet other carers. I'm not too far from London. I appreciate that it's not easy at the moment with how things are with the virus situation. I need a holiday or some kind of break. Toda...