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Is 84 diabetic very week need a frame and my help to get about
It's just funny how for the first time in nearly 2 years he did not get it on the same day as his state pension
Just when we put in for that exter AA
Yep had to ring them but got it a few hours later as a some sort of funding payment don't no what that's all about It might have been cos (it's for me dad) he put a foarm in for AA for the night as well ,as he gets it for the day but he need help At night to now I thort that had stop his PC for one ...
Hi all i have not bean pay my pension credit to day i allways get it with my low state pension every monday does any one no if thay are late paying them this week as I have never had this before shud i phone them up
I am 58 just bean made redundant and just signed onto jsafor the frist time in 40 years
My dad needs help now and he wants me to look after him and not have carers to come in and do it
But £66 a week us not a lot but if claim that he will lose sime of the other benefits he get
Carnt win
Just putting a claim in for carers allowance  for me to look after my dad who need a lot of help he gets AA allowance and pension credit at a higher level
Is thir anything more I can claim as £66 is not a lot
Whats the number
Yep just put details in their and if I claim careers for him he will lose over £60 pounds
What a joke what's the point in claiming for him
Give it you in one hand and take it from the other hand
When I say leve work I am being made redundant next week after 15 years Anyway he does not want anyone else to look after him only me He not I'll he just old but finding it hard to do thing is self anymore needs help to get to toilet and back And make his food I do not live with him as I go down 3 t...
Just some advice on a claim I am going to go for my dad is 84 and needs my help now as he is more or less bed bound now He gets £134 pension £99 pounds pension credit and AA of £58 a week Now I need to leve work to care for him from now on So what can I claim to help him for me think it is Carers Al...