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Sadly lost my father,just wondering what help I could recieve.( I suppose starting to live my life under the current (COVID-19) circumstances.thanks ian
Your right melly,i suppose deep down I’ve given up(just excepted my postion),I feel so so bitter at times what I’ve done for others.your right I’m getting older myself 54.thanks for wise words and advice,we all need it at times in our lives.Ian x
Thanks nelly,iam in tier3,do go for walk now and then,the most annoying thing for me is,i would give the shirt of my back for anyone in past.(people pleaser that’s me!)i suppose the people I knew were fake friends(Covid 19 has made me realise that)the more you do for people ,the worse you get treat....
Thanks for reply,friends seem to have slowly disappeared over time(it’s understandable)I need a balanced life(crave it now)all I do day after day is be his carer
Hi,Ian full time carer for dad94 so so lonely,seem to have lost all friends iam 54 now,how do others cope,I’m really struggling,never had a nite out in years,would love to here any advice from fellow carers,really need a friend now.ian
Hi Claire be strong,we all know how you feel,you will get good advice/support on here. Ian
Hello Agnes.im a full time carer I’m 54 my dad is 94. never feel quilty how you feel about about the way you react to your situation.its the hardest job in the world all the time.always remember you will get help and support on here,it’s always good to text/chat.be strong.ian
Ian54 looking after father 93. Want to know how others feel about young carers future.how can we all support teenagers 14/19 who are full time carers.should they look after parents(ie my age54) for the rest of my life(could go on another 30 years)me personally I think men/women nearing old age shoul...
Hello Caroline.its a struggle for everyone,you will get fantastic support on here,takes a while navigating this site(there is general chit chat on herd as well.if you are like me Caroline you need social contact with others(I know it impossible at the moment with Covid 19) when all this is over ther...
Thank you to UK carers and all who have supported me lately,hope I can can help others in need of support(so so many genuine people on here) ian