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She is always a little poorly due to her age, a grand age of 96. I can’t see me making that. Elderly toddler, yes I can see that. She a lot better now as the days progressed. Bed time at 20:00 then hubby and I can watch a film.
You sound like you have been through the wars a bit.
Thank you all for your kind words, I’ve taken everything onboard. Spoken with mum about the situation today and now she is feeling poorly. More guilt for me, hey ho. Will speak with her again when she’s feeling better. She is a lovely lady just likes her own way. Don’t we all.
Thank you. I’m not good at this.
I clapped for the NHS alone last night, didn’t know it had finished. I was looking up and down the road, is it Thursday umm! What an idiot I felt but it made me giggle.
Thank you for your kind words. I went to clap for The NHS last night, yes I was the only one haha. Didn’t know it had finished. My daughter and neighbour thought it was funny and yes I had a giggle. :)
Mum was admitted to hospital at the beginning of November due to an unknown virus. She was discharged in January where I started caring for her. She has more than 23k and is getting attendance allowance. I assist with all personal care, meals, shopping, phone calls etc. I have spoken with several ca...
Sorry about that. Not good with technology. I’ve been caring for my mother since she came out of hospital at the beginning of January 2020 1st at her home for a month. She then moved to my home in February as I wanted to return to my family, mainly the Grand children and my dogs. I said a maximum 3 ...
Sorry it’s taken a while to reply. Being new to caring and learning to use a new site Is difficult for me. In answer to questions, mum is recently receiving attendance allowance, my brother and I have p.o.a. Advice required on my mother switching off when we are in need of a serious conversation. Sh...
I’m new to Carers UK. I’ve only been caring for my 95 year old mother for 6 weeks and I’m struggling.. can anyone offer me advice..