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Thanks Michael ... information ALWAYS appreciated.
Even if granting the whole package , implementation will be another matter. Online ... how will one prove he / she is a vulnerable person ... releasing personal data to a supermarket ? The new poor falling through the gap of being classed vulnerable , and in a queue for the paperwork needed to acces...
Yep ... given the new lessons to be learned from coronavirus ... eventually ... many things will change out there in the coming years as we sweep up the mess left over ... both in casaulties caused by coronavirus , and the many more as an indirect result. Even our high streets ... more names will ha...
Farming association warns 'food will rot in the fields' unless 80,000 farm labour vacancies are filled - as chartered flight of around 180 Romanian fruit pickers is due to land at Stansted tomorrow Farmers have appealed for more British workers to sign-up for farming jobs. Around 32,000 Brits signe...
And ... the first guest on the new Questions & Answers live daily forum will be ...
When it comes to " Live " sessions , they can be either open or closed.

If closed , there is very likely to be a good reason ... mental health issues a good example.

If to filter out " Difficult " questions , then that is not a good reason ... more of an affront to open discussions.
The latest DWP guidance on over payments :

https://assets.publishing.service.gov.u ... -guide.pdf
Coronavirus : Universal credit bill could rise by £9.6bn as claims surge from people hit by outbreak. Some people may be ‘confused’ by their entitlement and could receive less money than they expect, top DWP official says. Neil Couling, the director general of universal credit at the Department for...
Participation , BB ? Skype not Zoom ... a case of watch and listen. I'll be surfing into a Zoom meeting at 8 pm this evening ... usual chaos will reign ... unless the self elected referee turns on everyone's mute button every 10 seconds or so ... and that's just amateur astronomers / cosmologists fo...
Logical ... and seconded.

4 weeks in and only now a letter goes out ???

Then the practical problems of identifying yourself as " Vulnerable " , especially online ???

Personal data being given to a supermarket ?

Sunnydiposition a classic example ?