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No chance of changing times he gets so anxious
Bowling bun yes we get attendance allowance and he doesn’t pay council tax. Can’t involve social services he won’t talk to anyone or even move out of the house
Pet66 you’re right I’m angry because the man I married is no longer there. It’s just some days I could scream. I want our life together back but it’s never going to be
My hubby has front lobe brain damage from a stroke and over the last 12 months is getting worse. He has breakfast at 7am , lunch at 9.45 and wants his tea at 4pm. Gets really anxious if we don’t stick to these times but 9 times out of 10 half way through eating says I can’t eat this. The minute he p...
He's 73 I'm 67. The brain damage is front lobe caused by the stroke and possibly made worse from lack of oxygen after a traumatic suicide attempt. We own our home and he gets attendance allowance but I don't get carers allowance because of my pension. We've never been involved with social services h...
Hi Pet The stroke society have been no help at all. My hubby thinks there is nothing wrong with him hence he won't accept any help from anywhere.Most of the time I can cope it's just days like today when it gets to me. Just knowing someone understands helps.
I’m new on here but I’m struggling to accept the brain damage my hubby has from a stroke 6 years ago. He’s getting worse every day goes to bed between 4-5pm daily ,he has no consideration for anyone only himself. Is there anyone else coping with something like this. Some days I feel like walking away