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Thankyou Cloudygal Keep trying to carve out those little times for yourself. Nurture them. They are of national importance! Non negotiable! I wondered if there is any little dream of yours that you would wish to pursue if you had time for yourself. Could you maybe taste that dream in a small way som...
Chris From The Gulag wrote:
Sun Jan 19, 2020 5:30 pm
A crime that the Carers Trust didn't take in similar comments from their forum members before closing down their forum.
So much of OUR history lost ... forever !
Really sorry to hear that.
Even less active now ... just a few diehards keeping the forum afloat. And thank God for them/you. I was absolutely desperate and the mental anguish was accelerating. I felt so alone, then found this forum. Thankyou, that's all I can say. My situation is not even that arduous compared to many. Abso...
Hi Suzy Might not be helpful! but what I've found is that being a little less available is easier if, at certain times that are ok for me, I actually make the decision to focus on my mum for a period of time, even if it's a decision to just sit with her for half an hour with that focus. Mentally thi...
That was a really lovely post bowlingbun » "03 Jan 2020 15:03". Makes a lot of sense too.
Thanks, your reply to my reply made me smile, so I thought I'd reply :)
Glad to hear you feel a little less alone. Keep going! All the best for 2020.
Dear Alan
It was so lovely to read your update. Thankyou for letting us know how you're doing. Remember that the writing can continue if it helps.
Bless you, all the best.
ps. that was a very sweet thing to do, the donation.
I agree with bowlingbun! Hi Joanne (and Tracey!) I really feel for you in this situation. To me it sounds like you already have cared for him and have set him up to be safe and secure. Of course it would be so much easier if he was actually nice to you...easier to continue as you have been. I unders...
And to you!
Happy New Year!
maria, wow, she's so lucky to have you. I'm so interested by this as my elederly mother is sometimes inclined to stay in bed all day. I constantly find reasons for her to get dressed and moving and am sometimes worried that I'm pushing a bit too much though I do do it gently. Your story convinces me...