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I certainly know of someone who has been contacted for one of these.

Just make sure you spend the money on what has been agreed to cover your back

And keep receipts too
Hi Simon

The phone number will be under your County Council. It will be Adult Services.

If both qualify for Social Care help they could both get care packages.

Take the pressure off you and help them both to be more independent.
Hi Simon Caring for two young people is overwhelming. I care for my two sons currently. Do you they have college places or are they home all the time? Have you considered a needs assessment via Adult Services?, There is a fight to get any help at all ...but worth it if you can get the right support....
Trouble is I'm not sure it is in the Tory Government's interests to actually improve Social Care.

If they don't improve it, it will continue to fall on unpaid carers to prop up the system.

Exactly what they want.

That's not good.

Occurs to me that is what unpaid carers have all the time.

Hope you get it sorted
Hello Paula Welcome I'm a carer for my two sons one autistic and one with a learning disability. One is school age and one older. One of mine was diagnosed quite late and it was a relief as we had felt it for quite some time. Always happy to chat or listen as well. It's a minefield having to fight f...
He wasn't worried about you when he had that affair was he! Keep that thought in mind, and any guilt should slip away.

It is certainly my worry..
Hi Anni Sorry things are so difficult. This is far too much for one person to deal with. Must be so hard for you to see her struggle so much. How old is your daughter. I feel that she needs a MDT around her to gradually tease out and sort everything out. Sounds like she was making progress and then ...

Sorry to hear that..

After I asked you how's it going on this thread I saw your other thread.

It's so difficult isn't it . You build your hopes up that a place is going to improve your life and your daughters and then it just doesn't.

I will look out for your message.