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Hi there Have you thought about trying to get an ehcp..an education and health care plan.. Within it you can have Preparation for Adulthood outcomes Things like travel training Socialising Daily living skills Work experience Budgeting Etc Therapies If he needs round the clock care..I think it would ...
Sw normally refers to LA OT

Don't believe you need SW involvement apart from that.

That seems like a good plan
My understanding is that the Social Worker should be able commission extra hours. That is what I have been told by my sons social worker who is very experienced.
Supported housing is usually referred by a social worker.

Has she had a needs assessment?,

The social worker would do a support needs analysis form to work out the hours of support needed.
Just say no.

You don't have to do it all.

It's easy to think you have to

But don't be fooled into that trap

It's very hard to get out of

The more you say yes to everything people will just expect more and more

Say no, and mean it

No negotiation
I have only ever used direct payment money on things that have been agreed.
Hi Rebecca That sounds really tough.. thats way too much all on you. Is your brother autistic as well? How old is he? I have two kids with disabilities. One al most grown up and the other grown up My eldest has recently moved to supported living. I am finally getting a little time to myself. Taken a...

Is this means tested?

I got nothing at all after my carers assessnent
And so it's started.. ...on Facebook Everyone is seeming to be meeting up with everyone else.. Having fun.. Taking time out Socialising Except its not for us carers. Anyone else feeling this? It's like everyone else was waiting for this moment to start leading a normal life. But not for us . We stil...