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I have only ever used direct payment money on things that have been agreed.
Hi Rebecca That sounds really tough.. thats way too much all on you. Is your brother autistic as well? How old is he? I have two kids with disabilities. One al most grown up and the other grown up My eldest has recently moved to supported living. I am finally getting a little time to myself. Taken a...

Is this means tested?

I got nothing at all after my carers assessnent
And so it's started.. ...on Facebook Everyone is seeming to be meeting up with everyone else.. Having fun.. Taking time out Socialising Except its not for us carers. Anyone else feeling this? It's like everyone else was waiting for this moment to start leading a normal life. But not for us . We stil...
Penny So sorry this has happened The UC system is not easy to work with, especially that you can't put in the claim until someone has moved. It all makes it very pressured. Hopefully things will calm down,, and you will get it sorted. I find they (UC) are very good at answering queries when you note...

It's not unusual to not have a support plan.

I think it cuts work out to not do one.

Obviously they should be done.

But we have a needs assessment and direct payment money but no physical support plan

I cant complain though.. Local Authority been surprisingly good at this end.
Claire I think a lot of people feel like this even when they have been with a partner/husband for a number of years..even when they are not their carer per say. Most people silently put up with it for years ...to do the right thing. Others have affairs (those that have time and opportunity), and whi...
Hi Sue

When your Mum had the assessment six weeks ago, were you open about the impact caring is having on you?

I would contact them again..check on when you will hear back.

I would also urge you to contact your GP.

Take care
David It is sad to think that is the case. I did hear that Boris has promised something on Social Care by the end of the year, can't remember details...but whatever it is it won't be enough. Reform has been delayed for so long, it may just get pushed to one side. I myself have recently experienced f...
What is needed is an overahaull of the whole social care system.. Better pay for support workers. More recognition More training Respite for carers It's not just about money. I think carers are so bogged down with day to day caring they don't believe anything will change. With conservatives in power...