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Bear in mind with universal credit that the advance payment that some people ask for is merely a loan.
Crazy Joe Yes ehc plans are hard to obtain. Parents have to be persistent. As I mentioned preparation for adulthood counts as education at your sons age.. Regulating own emotions Social communication Self care Travel training Friendships Independent living Lifeskills Work experience Budgeting Shoppi...
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Many more signatures are needed for this petition.

I am guessing its not reaching everybody..

Will you promote this petition nationally please?
Hi Crazy Joe Firstly, you have done an amazing job with four kids and two dogs for 6 years as a single parent. I take my hat off to you. I am also not surprised you feel as you do. You have more on your plate than most..and you manage to work full time too. And everyone is feeling low at the moment ...
Joanne It seriously is time you put yourself first. You have started that by handing back the flat keys. People pleasing is not doing you any favours in the long-term. I know because I used to be a people pleaser myself You could do with being a little more assertive at work too I am sure there are ...

Wise decision re house

Fingers crossed for the bungalow!
AJAY It isn't right. If you get to aged 70 and you can't have a couple of weeks break without dipping into your own pocket to fund care for your wife there is something VERY WRONG. I am the same as you I get the odd hour or two off, but what I really need is regular breaks of a week or two. There is...
I got as far as the fact we undertake caring voluntarily...

Yeah really !!

What planet are these MP s on!
Hi Penny This is a tricky one. Does she currently walk to the doctors and shops and get buses by herself from where you are, or does she need your support to do that with her? Are there any dial a ride buses that she could use or special taxi services for people with disabilities..we have one here. ...

Just seen this today also..

The bit that really gets me is

"It has never been the role of government to pay people for the tasks they undertake, voluntarily...

How many of US are doing this as volunteers?

I for one had no choice when my sons placements broke down one by one