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Julie As already posted. Check your contract ... I.e. it could say you are entitled to two hours off each day .. or it could be you are three weeks on or three weeks off. Otherwise it is unsustainable...pretty much like unpaid carers! But paid Carers is supposed to be different. Not sure why, but it...
If your sister hasn't got a social worker please get one urgently. For an urgent needs assessment. That woukd be three full time job roles looking after her 24/7. In reality covered by 5/6 staff on rota. Impossible for you to do and hold down a full time job. Social workers can look into supported h...
I am unsure if NI has the same system as here...but in England a social worker would do an assessment and place someone on a list for supported housing.
Hi Anthony A really tough place to be. Have you contacted Adult Services for a needs assessment for your wife and a carers assessment for yourself?, If you had more regular breaks that may help. I think Adult Services needs to know how you feel so that they can put support in place. Then if you do l...

It's clear Carers UK have tried hard.

With the Conservatives it's an uphill battle
Maine I am so sorry you are having to deal with all that. Bowlingbun Currently we are having a good experience with Social Services. I wouldn't want to put others off seeking help. We happened upon a lovely understanding social worker. But before that we had to refuse to work with two others! It has...
Carers uk

I'm interested what reply did you get from the government,?

I am unsure if you saw my question
Going to watch this

I agree, just not good enough!


Don't want to be a damp squib or anything but, it's clear the Government took no notice as you wrote to them in Feb 21 asking for the same uplift that those on UC got.

That was TEN months ago!

What reply did you get?
Tories are never going to come up with a good plan.

Suits them...having so many unpaid carers